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  • From: Peter Presland <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 08:41:24 +0000

On 21/02/2015 20:45, doug wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> It is not very often I say this..."I couldn't have put it better
> meself!".... 

> All we  have to do...is to convince the rest of the world
> of it...:-) .

Here's how see it:

No. Not the rest of the world, just the somnambulant populations of the
West whose traditional defining institutions and spiritual values have
been under relentless attack these past 25 years or so, the better to
further the banksters globalising agenda - the one exception of course
being the self-proclaimed 'Jewish-State' of Israeli and that is a big
piece of the jigsaw.

We are in the late stages of that process, where Christmas trees are
joined (or even replaced) by Menoras; employees are hounded for wearing
a crucifix and the family - well enough said. It is 'progressive' we are
told, but any progress is towards something far different from that of
popular imagining. Much of the rest of the world is already awake to
what is going on; western populations less so, assailed as they are by
all the compulsory, regimented pieties:

* 'The war to end wars',
* 'The Good war' with its de-rigeur central lesson of "The Holocaust"
while its custodians continue to pocket 'reparations' on an industrial
scale and the tax-payer is put on the hook for more, <reverential hush>
holocaust memorials.
* the dreaded 'War on terror' with the still largely obedient and
fearful public herded this way and that (mostly that) by horrific (and
largely staged) proofs of the deadly danger we are all in - all
wonderful grist to the Orwellian police state mill.

And of course countless savageries  big and small in between.

The interests and allegiances driving all this are, by definition,
transnational. As ever, they have their people close to the levers of
power in most countries - and that especially includes Putin's Russia -
but  their own national allegiances are are at best divided.

The dominant powers should in fact be as clear as the nose on your face
- no pun intended - but hush again; your not allowed to talk about it.



> On 21/02/15 11:19, Peter Presland wrote:
>> On 20/02/2015 15:50, doug wrote:
>>> The USA and Israel are adamant that they (Iran) are developing nuclear
>>> weapons, and they both should know as they have got them themselves, and
>>> have the means to detect such things.
>> Agreed. They most certainly DO know - just as they know who really shot
>> down MH17 and the real stories behind myriad other 'deep events', most
>> of which happen by design as herding mechanisms for duly outraged and
>> fearful populations. In the case of Iran's alleged nuclear weapons
>> program, true or not is of secondary importance; all that matters is the
>> utility of the issue in furthering the US-globalist agenda. If black
>> must be presented as white, slavery as freedom, war as peace, ignorance
>> as strength etc etc etc, then so be it. Such lies are a matter of
>> routine and for purposes that should be blindingly obvious to anyone
>> paying even cursory attention.
>> The bottom line is that Iran, in company with the last few hold-outs
>> against total Anglo-US-NATO global hegemony (well defined by Shrub's
>> 'Axis of Evil') will face continuing and unrelenting pressure until it
>> either 'sees things the West's way' or the Globalisation project
>> collapses under the groaning weight of its vast accumulated deceptions
>> and hypocrisies - and the in-your-face, self-serving evil of its main
>> sponsors.
>> All IMHO.
>> PeterP

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