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  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 15:50:52 +0000

Hi Peter,
On Iran's alleged development of nuclear facilities for the production of weapons grade plutonium, I deliberately wrote it that way...I haven't seen any proof that they are producing such stuff, apart from using centrifuges to enrich uranium into plutonium and their subsequent compromise by stuxnet for a while. However, Iran does have a programme for the peaceful use of nuclear power, for producing electricity, and presumably plutonium could be used for that, though the UK did the same thing, and it was only later that we found out that the fast breeder reactors were secretly being used to manufacture weapons grade plutonium.

The USA and Israel are adamant that they (Iran) are developing nuclear weapons, and they both should know as they have got them themselves, and have the means to detect such things. I dare say that with the use of remote sensors from predators or satellites, it would be possible to detect concentrations of radiation and where they are, as well as making use of the usual spying activities, though there does appear to be quite a lot of Iranian nuclear scientists who have died after being gunned down by guys on motorbikes and such like in the last few years, after they were offered big jobbies with lots of money in the US of A, so there might not be a lot left...

It is always difficult to work out whether there is a load of bullshit going on, trusting America and Israel has gone out the window these days, what with Israel denying on the one hand that they have nuclear weapons whilst there are facilities in the Negev desert which can be seen on Google, where no civilian is allowed to go. Israel denies publicly that it has nuclear weapons but according to the Times of Israel, it does have them, but doesn't admit to it because they would have to sign the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and this would mean that Israel would be open to international inspections.

International inspection is the very thing which Iran does not want, not necessarily because they have a nuclear weapons programme, but because, as we have all found out, the inspections which went on into the weapons of mass destruction which Iraq was supposed to have, and didn't, allowed loads of C.I.A. operatives under cover, specialists of dubious independence and other secret service organisations to get access to all sorts of places and people in Iraq, before they decided to conduct a war. As we all know, no wmd's were found, and the whole caboodle argued at the United Nations by Colin Powell, was a load of lies, which was based on the "evidence" of some unreliable person which was given to President Bush. and completely contradicted the UN Inspectors report into it.

If I was Iran, I don't think I would want the US of A, or any of its allies poking its nose around my country either.

On 20/02/15 12:37, Peter Presland wrote:
Bravo again there Dougie.

Not often I read genuinely perceptive stuff about the insane sham of UK
politics and western geo-politics, whilst at the same time having lots
of good hearty chuckles. That's quite a feat considering what the world
is facing right now too, so keep em coming.

One little point. I think you'll find that there is solid evidence that
Iran is not intent on acquiring a nuclear weapon - intent being the
operative word. I do however accept that what they are holding out for
would make fairly rapid development of such a weapon technically
possible - technically being the operative word.

But then crazy Israel has had its own nuclear arsenal these past 30 odd
years or so, has it not. Is Iran REALLY that crazy?

Have a look at this for scary laugh


On 20/02/2015 11:44, doug wrote:

Hi Shaun,
What side of the bed did you get out of this morning...:-) .

The pantomime season is over...it is election time in the UK now....Are
you not looking forward to Alex Salmond of the SNP being deputy leader
to Wallace & Grommit of the Labour Party, or Nigel Farange of UKIP as
deputy to Theresa May of the Conservative party, shining her shoes for
her before she appears in Parliament to get us out of the EU?  And think
of all that money we will save...no nuclear weapons in Scotland, no more
fees to the European Union.   What a luverly prospect...
Pity about them Russians and the Ukraine...

Interesting too, that the story of the two foxbats and the Russian Bear
circling the UK is raising its ugly head again.  The Russians (Soviets)
have been testing our defences ever since I can remember, certainly the
1960's.  Every Thursday at 2 p.m. they used to roar past the UK, close
enough for the RAF to go on alert and send up a few planes, and close
enough to test and monitor our air defences, radar and so on.  In fact,
I believe that we do the same to them...though we never hear about it.
All has gone quiet since the U2 incident.  One never knows what one's
own military is getting up to these days, it's all highly classified. I
see that some of our senior diplomats have become active, suggesting
that the British Bulldog is lying belly up in front of the Russian Bear
and that they are going to invade Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania...and we
won't be able to do anything about it.  They should take up game theory,
there is plenty of it on these new computer game consoles...keep em out
of mischief...:-) .  And would be far cheaper and safer for the rest of us.

Complaints about weaknesses in NATO too.  Wasn't it supposed to be
disbanded after the Warsaw Pact fell apart?  And who was it that started
up the trouble in the Ukraine anyway...The "West" has been empire
building and trying to disengage all those countries around Russia and
make them "satellites" of the West for years.  Offering their people a
better and more democratic and profitable way of life, through the BBC
World Service and the equivelant US foreign propoganda media..(As long
as they don't act on the belief of course...don't want too many
immigrants coming in...:-) ).   Trouble is that it is costing us so much
for the Americans to police the situation, Russia has a lot of gas and
oil which Europe needs and which is now subject to boycott...and London
needs the Russian Oligarchs to buy the big houses.

Maybe the US wants us to buy their fracking oil, develop new markets for
it, at higher prices.  And a lot of countries in Europe depend on trade
with the Russians too, whilst America doesn't.  If the Russians turn to
China, as they are doing, for trade...it could work out disastrous for
Europe, but very good, economically for the USA.

That's the narrative of the next pantomime...:-) ,   And don't forget,
that the US is so desperate to get rid of the Syrian leadership, that is
going to fund and educate a new lot of moderate Al Quaedians to help
depose the regime...and then bomb America...They never learn.  We need
more democracy in the region, and get rid of all those dictatorships and
keep the nice guys, like the Saudis, Turks, Jordanians and other
countries of such ilk...They aren't being anti-Islam of course, just

Still, with a bit of luck, the Iranians might not get the nuclear
weapons they are trying to develop...but maybe we are out of luck these

On 20/02/15 01:03, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
wouldn't matter one jot whether or not she gave royal assent its all a
pantomime anyway
On 19/02/2015 23:15, Ryan Carboni wrote:
okay, time for the common people of the UK to form a mob, and force
the Queen to sign the next Magna Carta, thus creating an actual
written constitution.

Actually I really wish the Queen would refuse royal assent one of
these days...

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