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see url: https://uhra.herts.ac.uk/bitstream/handle/2299/14327/04085529%20Collier%20Simon-%20Final%20PhD%20submission.pdf?

see url: http://www.cambridgeclarion.org/e/fo_deceit_unit_graun_27jan1978.html

Helped to bring down the attempt at a communist coup in Indonesia. Also spread anti-communist propoganda around the world during the Cold War. Spent a long time discrediting Nasser and the takeover of a British/French interest, the Suez Canal, by the Egyptian Government. Secret organisation of the Foreign Office, used to send briefings to selected journalists in the UK and abroad in plain envelopes, giving an independent view of various people throughout the world. Wanted to have an Un-British Activities Committee in the UK so as to remove the 144 alleged communists working in the BBC, according to MI5. Whole aim was to remove a perceived communist threat in the United Kingdom, then it started to be used for foreign policy objectives...the British might have all become Reds, instead of remaining blue, if it hadn't been for the IRD...:-).

Compromised by the Soviet spies employed by it at one time, including at one time Guy Burgess, who got kicked out of it due to drunkeness, being unkempt and lazy. George Orwell's famous anti-communist list was used by it, Worked closely with the CIA, samisdat to Russian intellectuals, funding of Encounter groups. I remember it well. Not a lot changes. Let's get back to the good old days of proper grey and black propoganda, none of this crassy stuff of today.

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