[cryptome] Re: Increased and Diverse Disclosure Initiatives Needed

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Hi John Young,
I am not surprised to hear that you have cancelled your venture at
Kickstart, and fully support you in your decision  (not just because I have
saved £10!...).  I never thought it was "your cup of tea".  However, I did
think it was a useful exercise in that it was a lovely marketing ploy, a
nice, free way of getting extra publicity for Cryptome and the service it
offers to the international community regarding security and secrecy and the
associated industries.  There are a lot of people out there making money out
of security issues and engendering paranoia amongst the masses, so as to
increase spending by governments, nation states, body corporate and
individuals etc.

  I have no doubt that there are a lot more people who are now aware of
Cryptome and I hope that it reflects in an increased amount of hits on the
website and more people subscribing to cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx   We certainly
need it, the more people from all categories and specialities in society,
the better in my view.  As far as I am concerned keep up the good work and
more power to your elbow, with or without kickstart.

Douglas Rankine.

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Subject: [cryptome] Increased and Diverse Disclosure Initiatives Needed

Cryptome has canceled the Kickstarter. Following the purpose of the
kickstarter it urges support for increased and diverse disclosure

A few suggestions:

1. Many more and diverse disclosure initiatives are needed to broaden public
participation, to diversify content and to increase unpaid access.

2. They should be novel and unexpected.

3. They should evolve and avoid being static, preferrably brand-free.

4. These may be online, offline or neither, inventive and variable.

5. They may be short- or long-lived or episodic and erratic.

6. Might be hit and run, for a single disclosure or unpredictable series.

7. Provided by individuals, groups or variable.

8. Funded by individuals, groups or variable.

9. Anonymous, nonymous, pseudononymous or variable.

10. Legal, extra-legal, quasi-legal, pushing against legal or variable.

11. Low-key, low-profile, low-recognition, the opposite or variable.

12. Reputable, disreputable or variable.

13. Risky, dangerous, outrageous, the opposite or variable.

14. Citizens' duty should be to disclose, resist secrecy, official secrecy
most so.

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