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I have been investigating this incident since 2000 it involves taking bones,
body parts and artifacts from victims of the war in Kosovo and FRY.


The magic key words are` `Jose's work as far as I can see is good work ...
It's taking little tiny pieces of bone that no one would ever miss."
(attached Both.doc.) For 10 plus years, I have called and written to the
ICTY, the United Nations, OSCE 

 Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and others to, finally
account for the actions taken by ICTY. . l I have written and spoken to
everyone I could basically the answer has been "Nun sacciu, nun vidi, nun
ceru e si ceru durmiv." 

"I know nothing, I didn't see anything, I wasn't there, and if I was there,
I was asleep" Most of those who know have assured me they will buy a tee
shirt if I make one.


I have a list of questions ( attached Questions.doc) that I have been trying
to get ICTY to answer which is why was this was done and why this still has
not been fully fixed.

It is my understanding there are still lawsuits pending against ICTY
International  Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia and many bones taken by the
ICTY and others, still  have not been returned to the victim families and
friends, as well as artifacts that were taken its now 10 years and it is
time to make this right.



 My wants are simple help the victims who are double victims now and call to
account those who allowed this to happen. I saw the samples while in Kosovo.
I was there I know who knows but no one wants to be a rat and in a business
where going along to get along is preferred no on wants to be a hero, and
yet they are there to protect human rights.


I will end this intro with a statement One day let us call us the ICTY
diggers we were told with a strong   admonishment which was "remember that
when you do an exhumation take everything from the grave finger nails, hair
everything, and put it into the body bag leave nothing behind. Bring
everything back to the morgue, never take anything, and not turn it in and
again, it is the Muslim religion so remember bring everything even a
fingernail. You have already read the key words above. Need I say more?  I
will say more I am not a Muslim and have no family ties to the region only a
strong belief in human rights and protecting them.


Anyone who knows anything, please contact me send documents and pictures
anything in this matter dbelgard@xxxxxxx 


Thank you


David Belgard 



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