[cryptome] Re: How reliable is this new Detekt?

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  • Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2014 19:01:19 +0000

Dear John,
I think that is the most obscure and abstruse posting yet I have seen on cryptome...or anywhere else, for that matter. I don't know if I understood a word of it. I did try putting it through Google translate and Babelfish, but to no avail...:-).

...However, tumblr... came up with this...is there a difference in the pe, compared with ple...:-).


A baby being spied on by its mother or any other carer committed to looking after its welfare and well-being may not even know, and if it does, usually welcomes the attention, whilst a predator spying on the child, is despised and hated by all. Except by his/her fellow predators, who may express a lust, longing or a wish or desire to replace the predator with an act or movement of their own, or like the Romans in the Colosseum in Rome, actually enjoying or paying for the spectacle, and even gambling on the outcome between Gladiator and lion. The difference in outlook regarding morality, or ethics, justness or fairness is in the intention, and the motive, and the standpoint, and depends upon the history and the culture at the time, and not the views, opinions, beliefs, faiths, prejudices, or assumptions of our time. i.e. morality, ethics, justice are products of their time and not everlasting or immortal...in my view.

Do you mean that a spy is just like Sartre's waiter...a noun defined and contained by the description of the beholder and the function and relation adopted by both, supplemented by the definition of the independent and dependent observer...more or less...that independent/dependent observer having a different morality, forms of thought and/or emotions? A waiter doesn't even have to be a human being, he/she/it can be a thing and or a process like a drone, and/or a human being, driven by a human being, or just a person at a bus stop. The spy, if human, like the waiter, can suffer or enjoy lust, or envy, or despair or impatience just as cannibals can, though they may lust more after their dinner, and in cannibal society the eating of others is a perfectly moral and ethical thing to do, whilst in non-cannibal societies, it is abhorrent, and heavily punished, Whilst mass killing in cannibal societies is not and doesn't occur, but in our society, and in our present stage of history mass killing is, not only that, it is considered a necessity, if not good, like collateral damage from the safety of piloting a drone from a place far away from the carnage...and people get awards for doing it, the more the better. The justification being that it is all done for the protection of the waiter, the diner and the driver of the coach and horses through the principle...or is it principal?

Regarding your defining comedy as "the religion of auto-riducule"...is Arthur Koestlers treatise on the subject, of no relevance? According to him, comedy is an act of creation which arises from "bisociation....in jokes and humour, the audience is led to expect a certain outcome compatible with a particular matrix (e.g. the narrative storyline); a punch line, however, replaces the original matrix with an alternative to comic effect." (And though he has a stab at it, is unable to define why people laugh.)

see url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Act_of_Creation

Wilde's phrase, "the love that dare not speak its name" along with the action and the play and the prison term for an act for which he would not been found guilty of today, certainly brought him immortality...depending, of course how one defines immortality...a thousand years, a million years from now...will his name still be known? Does altruism play a role in human actions and interactions, and is that altruism only for the purpose of self serving? Whether altruism is misguided, a learned behaviour or good for the species is a contentious subject.

Lastly, with the above parameters in mind, spying, watch and ward, caring, welfare, looking after and loving will last as long as the species lasts, just as will its opposites. Like other forms of human behaviour, they will change and differ in different eras.

The difference is that homo sapiens has not removed its primitive instincts, urges, drives or will from its psyche but has, through learned behaviour managed to subliminate them to a certain or uncertain extent...most of the time. However, alongside of the psychology, it has developed the technologies and systems which, in the name of science and for the purposes of satiating the lust of the curious in such matters, will continue until it knows absolutely everything about nothing...or disappears in some catastrophe or evolution, natural or by human artifice which will replace us with something else or some other species...who knows.

As Wilde once said, "Science is the record of dead religions"

I believe in science...:-). I have faith in science...:-). Science will cure all of humankinds problems...:-).

Just a thought...or two :-). I hope I have understood you correctly...if not...feel free...:-).

On 22/11/14 15:50, John Young wrote:
Dopplegangers, its Google which goppledangs.

On 22/11/14 15:42, John Young wrote:
Not likely humans will get over offense at being spied on,
derived from days of being hunted as food, then that religified
as god's eye on sinners, leading to self-spying under guise of
morality and ethics, and the all time favorite, spying on neighbors
and spreading gossip real and imaginary, mostly the latter to hide
one's own misbehavior, and the business of psycholanalysis
in which grievous sins and laughable guilt-trippings were charge
$100 an hour to institutionalize.

Spies are our goppledangers, our little eyes of saints which
we pretend are not our phantasms of imminent auto-consumption
by ourselves' desire to be god (Sartre et al).

Comedy, the religion of auto-ridicule, there we go but for the
grace of Yahweh (maybe the greatest Jewish joke ever), assures
our lust for immortality (greatest God joke), will for all eternity
(what in hell is that but other people-eaters) whistleblows against
the dark: the hyenas are coming (aka gods own out to vanquish
our intent to cannibalize our rulers).

Today, maybe forever (what in heaven is that), comsec, compusec,
opsec, sexsec, thrive under beneficence of natsec's devil and
god in one grand pantoptic for which we tithe grudgingly, most
of us, the few who escape the protection racket make its
inescapable tools. Their judgment day is nigh, send tithe to
guarantee the hot coals of perdition.

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