[cryptome] How Much Microsoft Charges the FBI for User Data

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 11:24:24 -0700

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It's no mystery that government agencies compel tech companies to give them
(totally legal) access to user data. It's also pretty well known that the
tech companies charge the government for the trouble. We've just never
really known how much--until now.

Long story short, Microsoft charges the FBI (read: taxpayers) hundreds of
thousands of dollars a
access to information about you. And their rates are on the rise. The
Syrian Electronic Army says it hacked into the FBI's super-secret Digital
Intercept Technology Unit (DITU), where they found the actual invoices from
Microsoft detailing how much each request for data cost.

An invoice from December 2012 totals $145,100 which boils down to $100 per
request. The rate had doubled by August 2013 when Microsoft charged the FBI
$200 per request for a total of $352,200. The most recent invoice from
November 2013 is $281,000. Remember: all of those six-figure sums (provided
by taxpayers) are for one month's worth of user data requests. That adds up
to millions of dollars a year.

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