[cryptome] Re: Hoax? Please disregard my prior email submission

  • From: Todd Judge <toddbob@xxxxxxx>
  • To: "cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2014 01:07:42 +0900

Ok. Screw it. I'm on notes, where I should have started. Never again will I 
jump to respond w/in email. 

Please forgive me. I should know better than to type much from my phone. I have 
MS, and, well, it's stupid to type on a cell phone with Mr. Wacky-fingers. 
Below is what I intended, and am hoping for better dexterity before "Send" is 
This is totally unnecessarily too long at this point. 
I do want to complete a few sentences. Promise, never again. 

....if you're not familiar with the Asian way they do things, there may or may 
not be a few things to ponder. 
 You should experience japan banking and bill paying. Now and 10 years ago and 
on before then.  
Hint: there's no such thing as checks.  Credit cards in japan are the same as 
debt cards in the west, not domestically used, nor accepted on a 
semi-nationwide basis until very recently. You have a limit based on your 
balance. It's automatically paid directly by withdrawal from your bank holdings 
on the do date. 
Cash IS still the most common accepted exchange. And it has it's advantages. 
The credit card implementation for Japan was based on watching South Korean 
consumers, as a whole, fall something like 40 or 60% (don't even remember) into 
debt when western banks brought them in.  It was a disaster. 

I realized, as silly and time consuming as it is to now go to the bank's on 
site row of ATMs the 1st of the month, wait in line, literally pull cash out of 
your account, then feed it into another account isn't really such a bad thing, 

As a fun sideline, not more than around 10-12(?) years ago, ATMs were installed 
outside of the physical banks at convenience stores, typically, they used 
direct serial connection to a slow wire to the bank computers. No encryption.  
Nothing but a wire.  For years!
When the yakuza wasn't stealing a backhoe, tearing out the store wall, and 
dragging the ATM down the road and vanish, a trained monkey could tap the line 
and feed their own account from every single user. Talk about not getting it..

There! Finished. Sorry


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