[cryptome] Harold T. Martin. Detention due to fear of flight

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see url: https://cryptome.org/2017/01/martin-031.pdf

Interesting case. The US government admits that it allowed him to collect 50 terabytes of classified information since 1998, some of it discovered covered in dust, in his shed, other bits in his car on the drive, and one lot that was missed because it was hid on a bookshelf in his living room. He is an acknowledged hoarder, and an acknowledged heavy drinker. He had a lot of guns, including various assault rifles and a loaded hand gun in his car, under the seat, which was parked in the drive...along with loads of classified information. He was caught in the act of moving some classified documents to his car in the drive, when Law Enforcement arrived and denied...for a while, that he was doing anything wrong or illegal...wouldn't you? There is absolutely no evidence that he has committed the crime of transmission of any classified documents and the government doesn't make any case on that. All they say, is that he they want to continue his detention because of the "fear of flight" provisions in the Bail Act. There is absolutely no evidence that he was or is going to shoot someone else or kill himself. He has a brilliant mind, he is loyal for some reason, only known to himself, to the NSA and his government and considered as a patriot. But, because he has such a great amount of knowledge about not only classified documents, but software which can compromise the work of the NSA and the secret, clandestine operations of various government agencies, if he doesn't flee, he might be kidnapped by a foreign power!

No apologies by the government lawyers or the various government agencies involved, in allowing such practices to go on for almost 20 years, or criticism of their lack of security in protecting government secret documents. No evidence presented that he was going to transmit such classified information to another state or political power.

Instead of keeping him in jail, Trump should be offering him a medal, acclaim and promotion for exposing the poor security of the agents of the US Government...but there again...who am I, but a poor Scottish immigrant, who once visited that big monument near Ellis Island, which carries a torch in her hand, and carries the word of Erasmus...So much for liberty and democratic rights, another example of twisted logic and false facts, alternative fables in support of the US way of life...:-).

Oh! If only the US had Theresa May and a referendum for supporting Brexit, what a wonderful world we would live in.




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