[cryptome] Getting Rid of the Cash Economy

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see url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40561807

Every states dream. Sounds great, doesn't it. Wouldn't it be just lovely for the state to be able to tax everything? No more cash in hand, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, every transaction registered, no more private jobs, no more (I hate to use these politically incorrect words in this forum) black or grey economy. A Chancellor of the Exchequers' Dream. If only...

Why, we could bring down taxes as we spread the load amongst the people, especially of those who earn the most, and spread the taxation costs evenly across the economy and amongst the citizenry. And then, we could increase the size of the bureaucracy, and increase their wages, and cut back their hours, and cut back the employees, who needs employees in a cashless economy? And, we could get better educated and more reliable politicians through paying them extra benefits, merit payments and perks, and encouraging international travel and trade with the likes of Russia, such as 1st Class holidays abroad and international Business Flights on British Airways, and free golf at Trump Charitable Gold Clubs, and have meetings to discuss the import of Russian Orphans to the USA, free of charge.

Life would be so wonderful, don't you think; if only we could get rid of payments by cash. The distribution and control of the scarcity of money; would no longer be the great equaliser, or the main means of controlling the distribution of resources, against the accumulation of capital in fewer and fewer hands. And the exercise of vivid imaginations which always manages to overpower the ability of society to supply their whims. Lower interest rates too, greater credit worthiness. No more quantitative easing. I can see it all now, an abundance of goods and services, for the first time ever in Capitalist Society.... a free for all, no more queues for bread or tins of spam.

There wouldn't be any mention of paying women for looking after their children, of course, either in cash or by tax credits. That kind of paid for work is taboo, and isn't even valued. And all that voluntary work which people do, to help one another, and help subsidise the capitalist system, so that it can make a profit; that wouldn't be included. How would we reward all of them...without money? Where would they lie, in the capital or current account of each and every state?

Maybe, we should get rid of money altogether, and the only incentive that which people should work for...is the love of it. Love lasts longer than money. Then we could get rid of the state, and stuff the capitalist parasites in museums; provide an abundance of more efficient services, materials, energy, manufactured goods, they wouldn't cost anything at all to produce. We could even get rid of the International Stock Exchanges...the banks and other financial institutions...now that would be really efficient. We would be much better off then....:-). But to achieve that...Oh! What a culture change we would need. Would it be by social revolution or social evolution, one wonders... armed or peaceful, funny or painful...who knows...

Annie...get my gun...and get my war materiel ready, lets get rid of those game birds in our society...;-)

Food for thought....



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