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World goes away – individual privacy in the information age
Not sure chshadoard snoadn decided the mass leak of the NSA, he assumed the
force of the blast waves that would trigger this folly and being extremely
important point perhaps turn in relation to information, handling and
testing of concepts such as "classified information", "throw", "Privacy"

We assume that the Internet and the lack of communication and physical
presence, we are relatively anonymous, but even this era makes us
vulnerable and polhim than ever, and growing. We are for the most part, but
in many cases even without our knowledge.

You can divide the people between "active" and present "absentees";

"People are" active Internet users are active players in the online arena
and share information (images, text, personal information) about them,
especially in the various social networks, but also on forums and blogging

These include the "conscious" of the dangers that exist in this age and in
an informed manner that preserves privacy best. This compared to the
unconscious "," the dangers of the online and physical privacy in this era,
thus exposing themselves to potential dangers (from October 2013 States
that over 50 Internet users reveal personal information about themselves,
too). Some of us are aware of the possibilities of Facebook privacy
settings, both about publications and our personal information? How are
realizing it?

However, even among the "conscious" there is division between those who due
to their awareness of the dangers to individual privacy drive with caution
when publishing information in determining the appropriate permissions and
the decision to share information in the first place, and those who in
spite of the dangers that exist do not maintain adequate protection of
personal data.

Facing all those taking part, more or less active, select the new "ב"מדיה
"absentees" exist. Those who are active in the online world, and they don't
have a presence on social networks, but information about them and they are
unwittingly exposed by using the same Web players. So despite being absent
from the online world, they too are at risk of infection to their privacy.

The information age is a time when we receive more information, the current
era we are exposed every day and the information stored about us and make
us transparent and polhim. The light that snoadn on the information
gathered by the security authorities in various spheres of life, there is
additional content – this world.

We make regular use of the free tools we collect information including the
history of our physical locations. These are used by commercial factors to
create profiles and polhim more and more precise, to match accurately as
possible to various campaigns. But this information is used, for example in
companies is really troubling to people; Accurate and reliable Facebook
than any written document resumes. When one of three employers may not hire
a candidate because of his profile on social networks, the issue whether
employers may request information to the Facebook accounts of their
employees. It turns out that we may not be aware of the information that we
have stored, and especially not the contemporary implications and future

In front of business and Government officials to monitor online activity
and collecting information from polhth about us, there are phenomena such
as "anonymous" breaking business groupings, stealing a great deal of
information and many thousands of leaked government documents (among other
sites such as Wikileaks "), in many cases directly from the systems and
servers of the Government itself. All of these are concepts such as
question mark "classified information", "ו"צנזורה "gag order" but also as
"privacy terms" specification, "personal", "private".

You can see that on the one hand there are at least two sectors which have
information about and the citizens of the world online and those that are
not. On the other hand there are those who strive to achieve the
information, whether for reasons of an economic nature or because of

In the middle are we living in a digital world, generally without ads. The
existing dangers to us already now information storage and the possibility
that he used, or even that will be exposed for that reason. But mainly
we're lacking awareness of the implications of these trends for the future. It
is possible that today's youth will want to change their identity in the
future because things they publish without choosing Facebook messages –
medium – and always remember everything they can to avoid them in the
future and disadvantageous to a couple tournaments away from making the
workplaces or even shittm.

Similarly all about in cyberspace "in various stages of understanding and
learning, so the topic relative to the information therein. Not only does
this process is not over, we still don't understand the strengths and
future implications of "freedom of information", there is personal
information stored and State organizations, and could be free.

With this in mind, we put several future scenarios;

On the one hand, for storing the information in polhth and dlpto as normal
by different stakeholders. On the other hand, the overall process of
revisiting what information. What is the meaning of a gag order in the
online age? What is confidential information if you can easily hdlipo? What
is individual privacy in the age of social networking?

Vibrantly third process where we, citizens of the digital world to
understand how we are transparent and polhim today and will return to
relative anonymity, using tools that enable it if possible. Not necessarily
negative purposes, but simply to be one of a crowd. To try and get back a
few years back, when the primary function of a search engine would return
the expected results from across the Web and used to build a profile for
the user.






מ"אנונימוס activists reported October 16 that were able to break through to the
Polish Ministry of economy in operation OpGoldenDawn against neo-Nazi
movement comes from the Greek" Golden Dawn. " Information from these servers
are distributed over the Internet in a shrink-384 MB with hundreds and
hundreds of government documents. Some of the documents, including passports
, photographs were uploaded as images to Imgur website. The message said that
during this weekend will be posted email correspondence of the Government of

Translated from ::: http://www.middleeast-internet-monitor.com/?p=5173

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