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This is the new stuff from the CIA store. If you want anything, I'll have
to order it for you, or else you have to become an AFIO--Assn for
Intelligence Officers-- member. This is only the new stuff. The rest is
at the EAA site.

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Dear Member,

This weekend is the official start to summer. Hooray. So break out the
shorts, swimsuits and sun tan lotion. Enjoy the pool, beach and backyard
barbecues. We would like to kick it off by advising you of some of our new
items we got in. Be sure to check the website out for those unique gifts
for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. As always, check out our sales
category. We would like to wish you a safe and enjoyable summer. Please
take a moment this Memorial Day to remember those who gave the ultimate

Mug Scrn Bldg Hqs Langley

[image: View Details]

Money Clip ODNI 10yr

[image: View Details]

Cigar Holder Eng Verb

[image: View Details]

T Scrn Nowhere to Hide U2 Gry

[image: View Details]

Flask Logo Pocket 6oz

[image: View Details]

Pen CIA Verb Satin Gold

[image: View Details]

Hat Emb CIAU Almd

[image: View Details]

Mug Scrn E/S Truth Copper

[image: View Details]

Keychain ODNI 10yr

[image: View Details]


[image: View Details]

Keychain Bullet Light & Laser

[image: View Details]

Pen CIA Verb Blk/wht/Chrm

[image: View Details]

Mug Scrn OSS Glori Amatr

[image: View Details]

Golf Emb Logo Nature Tech nvy

[image: View Details]

Flask Logo w/shots

[image: View Details]

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