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Dear Colleagues,


Best regards.

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From: Rob O'Gorman <pathfinderrob@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 8:11 PM
Subject: "Remote Control War" - UAV's & UCAV's of China, India, Iran,
Israel, Russia and Turkey

*"New report lifts the lid on the development and spread of armed drones
around the world"*

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I have finished leading & co-authoring a major new study with Open
Briefing, "Remote Control War", which reveals that more than 200 different
unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are in use or in development by *China,
India, Iran, Israel, Russia and Turkey*, with 29 of these being unmanned
combat air vehicles (UCAVs), otherwise known as armed "drones".

The authors, *Rob O’Gorman and Chris Abbott*, have identified key
developments in
drone technology and conclude that the lines between missiles and drones at
end and drones and aircraft at the other are increasingly blurred.
several countries are seeking to develop a range of UAV countermeasures in
response to the proliferation of drones to state and non-state adversaries.

Military planners face numerous challenges with the rise of armed drones.
among them, Rob O’Gorman argues, ‘is the development of sound operational
doctrine in order to successfully integrate these systems’ capabilities.’
The speed and extent of UCAV developments is ‘far surpassing the
imaginations of military planners.’

*Chris Abbott, Executive Director of Open Briefing*, noted that ‘armed
drones are being used for missions that would not likely be approved if
more traditional aircraft
systems were being used,’ adding that ‘the use of remotely-piloted systems
sidestepped international law.’ Abbott argued, ‘The use of armed drones is
as a grey area when, in fact, no such ambiguity really exists. They are
platforms. The usual rules should apply.’

*Chris Cole, the founder of Drone Wars UK*, said, ‘Open Briefing’s Remote
Control Warshines a much needed spotlight on the development and use of
drones by a raft of countries beyond the usual suspects and shows that the
development of armed
drones is spreading rapidly.’

*Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford*,
said, ‘Armed drones may have become weapons of choice for the United States
and Britain but what this report shows is that they are already
proliferating across the world. The implications of this are huge for
international security but have been almost entirely ignored so far.’

*The report was commissioned by the Remote Control Project*, a pilot project
initiated by the Network for Social Change *and hosted by Oxford Research

*Open Briefing is the world’s first civil society intelligence agency*.
Staffed by a team of intelligence, military, law enforcement, government
and media professionals, they provide a range of intelligence and research
services to concerned citizens and non-governmental organisations. To find
out more, please visit* www.openbriefing.org*.

*An PDF copy is now available for download at:* *



Kind Regards,
Robert (Rob) O'Gorman, CD
Pathfinder Consulting Services

Tel: 613-862-9653
E-mail: pathfinderrob@xxxxxxxxx
LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/robert-rob-o-gorman-cd/16/876/862


Haim Barak
To Serve and Protect Our Community
In God We Trust
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Email: haim357@xxxxxxxxx
Skype: haim.357


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