[cryptome] Re: Fwd: Re: Censorship 2.0 - mental hax influencing opinions

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  • Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 18:59:49 +0000

Dear John,

I have always wanted to write a "Dear John" letter, but never to receive one... :-) . Thank you for all that metadata and other information contained within my posting.:-D Quite comprehensive isn't it? And there was me, only today, changing over my ISP because I got a better deal elsewhere. Can't find one that encrypts, apparently they all use the content for marketing. The "Turing" reference was especially poignant, as he is one of the few "heroes" whom I have left in the world. How touching that freelists.org should use such a heading...or whatever it is called. Pity he is dead, but one cannot live for ever...and a cyanide pill is difficult to (b)eat.

And, yet there are all those other people who spend most of their time trying to avoid such stuff....desiring, wanting, struggling to keep their anonymity, and their private data private. Why cannot it be done?

I see yesterday that the Head of the Intelligence Committee Oversight Sir Malcom Rifkind. Sir Malcolm also believes in armed intervention in Syria, with or without UN agreement...though where he will get enough planes from, is anyone's guess. Apparently we only have two planes bombing IS in Iraq at the moment, the rest are in maintenance.

see url:

a fellow Scot, has requested from the Americans any stuff which has been redacted concerning our home grown intelligence services, as accusations are flying round regarding complicity in torture and rendition by said intelligence services. Sir Malcolm says he has ways of finding out.

Didn't happen of course, we are far too civilised for that. I wonder if he will make it public, or summons Blair and Straw for some enhanced interrogation, now that there is a general election due here in the UK? I doubt it, he was a Foreign Secretary and Defence Secretary himself. No stomach for a public inquiry at the moment. The Labour Party has gone very quiet, probably having eaten too many bacon sannies...:-)

Anyways...one other question...what happens to the information, the metadata of all the "lurkers"...on this mailing list, the ones who don't post; are they recorded too, for posterity. Their date and time of joining, and from where; the pseudonym they used. The when and wheres of recieving postings from this list? Will they become available at some time, under the "Freedom of Information Act" or some other act or hackt?...We shall see...;-) . The governments of the world appear to be ripping up their agreements, their social contract with the peoples of the world, their rights in law or morals or ethics. And one knows what happens when governments do that...it always ends up in some kind of war...and the cost in human exposures before then...is going to be ginormous.

Would any of our colleagues on the mailing list care to explain what all this metadata means...or perhaps point the noses of the naive of us who don't know it all means...That would be most kind.

Just think...even the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. are vulnerable...They cannot destroy data without being found out...or else a lot of burning will be going on...and just think of all those fires at those huge data storage centres. The number of emails which have been referrred to in the recent "Torture" enquiry is quite amazing...And, from what I can deduce, there are a lot more out there...which have been redacted.
Sooty...or is it Sweep...

On 16/12/14 17:43, John Young wrote:
Enjoy below the spying metadata of Doug's email like all messages
appearing here. Mail lists have always been metadata gatherers like
the Internet covert siphon, modeled on all communications.

Be sure to notice "turing" in the hops. Oh, Alan, what hath thou wrought?

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