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"Big Data" is term for massive global siphoning by entities (com, edu, org, SM, searches, et al) not restricted by laws and regulations applicable to government agencies. Then selling the data to government agencies, in particular to spies and their contractors.

New York Times today reports on state of the gargantuan data hoarding and
exploitation protected by secrecy:


Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2012 06:29:56 -0700
From: John Paul <jpaul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Government Big Data Conference - Download the Agenda Today!

Big Data Conference - May 8-9, 2012

<http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.bigdataconference.net/>Get More Information!<http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.bigdataconference.net/>


<http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.holidayinn.com/hotels/us/en/arlington/waswp/hoteldetail>Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge

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To request an up to date <http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.bigdataconference.net/>agenda

For more information, visit the briefing <http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.ttcus.com/>website.

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This Announcement is brought to you by:


1960 East Grand Ave,
Suite 1225
El Segundo, CA 90245

The Big DATA Conference

Government R&D - Turning Overload into Exploitable Information Assets

Meet and Network with the Top Experts who are really making Government Big Data a reality!

Mr. Alan Shaffer, Principal Deputy, OASD/ Research and Engineering (DoD)

Dr. Sasi K. Pillay, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the CIO, NASA

Mr. George Thomas, Enterprise Architect, Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Farnam Jahanian, Assistant Director, Computer and Information Science, NSF

Mr. Daniel A. Hitchcock, Associate Director, Advanced Scientific Computing Research, DOE

Dr. Taha Kass-Hout, Director, Informatics Solutions and Operations, CDC/DHHS

Dr. Christopher White, Program Manager, Information Innovation Office, DoD/DARPA
Dr. Dewey Murdick, Program Manager, IARPA/ Director of National Intelligence

Over 25 EXPERTS from DoD, DOE, NASA, the Intelligence Community, DHS, NSF, NIST, DHHS, GSA, NITRD, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAIC, SAP, SAS, Wyle, Aetna, NetApp, InCadence, Teradata, and McKinsey examine -

* Federal Government Agency Strategies, Policies, Plans and Initiatives

* Identifying High-Value Missions and Applications in Defense,
Homeland Security, Intelligence, Healthcare, Energy, Earth
Observation ? and more!

* Flexibility, Scalability and Security Issues and Solutions

* Using the Latest Tools and Technologies ? Predictive Analytics, Semantics, Cloud, Metadata, etc.

* Big Data Analytics Implementation: Collection, Processing, Management and Dissemination Strategies and Techniques

* BDA in the Enterprise Architecture

If you wish to speak, exhibit or both at this outstanding event please contact us at <http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=http://www.emailunlimited-online.net/tu/tr.aspx?ID=rd3403_1702&LEA=jy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&T=mailto:wbudding@xxxxxxxxx>wbudding@xxxxxxxxx

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