[cryptome] Future of Disclosing, Hacking and Anonymity

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  • Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 20:03:02 -0400

This list might at some point consider and critique the
Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies now receiving a bit of attention:



We're reading a pre-publication proof of "Hacking the Future:
Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity on the Web," by Cole Stryker,
due out in September 2012, and are about halfway through it.

Stryker claims WikiLeaks and Cryptome are ineffectual for
distributing controversial material because their static platforms
are easily surveilled inside and outside, compromised, tampered
with, seeded with spurious goods and are run by identified persons
on structures not well protected against skilled opponents.

Superior for cloaking sources of material are dynamic, swarmed
outlets with no identifiable operators or structure such as
Anonymous, LulzSec and similar dispersed operations of varying
constituencies which use pastes, doc drops, Torrents, and an
ever changing slew of lesser known identity cloaking structures.

The implication is that the better known a disclosure outlet the
more likely it has been subverted with or without the cooperation
of the operators.

Stryker then suggests that the downfall of Anonymous and LulzSec
is following the same pattern. But that new forms of disclosure
are appearing and will likely increase in number and type.

The book is more comprehensive than that of Parmy Olson's
on Anonymous, historically and for latest events.

More on this as our reading continues. In this instance Cryptome
will not publish excerpts without permission -- maybe.

Andy Greenberg's book on the same topics will also appear
in September along with a batch of other books, movies, documentaries,
plays, screeds, confessions, stings, arrests, indictments and
lack of convictions. Informants, undercover contractors and turncoats
are babbling to them all -- some of the babblers are themselves
putting out fictional accounts.


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