[cryptome] Re: Freelists As Well As NSA Snooping.

  • From: "Al Mac Wow" <macwheel99@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 09:08:32 -0500

Depending on hassles for moderators, I suggest two lists, carefully named:

*        Cryptome-private

*        Cryptome-public


People would have the option of subscribing to either or both lists.


The public list is for postings where the participants know the general
public will be able to see what gets posted.  Generally, if I have something
to share with someone, which is NOT for the general public to see, I do not
send it to any list, and in some cases I do not send it via e-mail, post in
the cloud, or even in some cases, not on my PC.


The private list is one in which the moderators have striven to get the
closest they can to some standards of confidentiality, which might be shared
on the web site.  It might support encryption, but not mandate it.
Archives, if any, and posts, would be accessible only to current
subscribers, who would be asked NOT to forward contents to non-subscribers.
Suggested standards might include:

*        Do not use a domain on the gov snoop PRIZM list.  There are other
such lists.  No doubt more domains will be added, that we won't know about
in the future.

*        Do not use a domain on the criminal-friendly KNUJON REGISTRARs list
. that is to say Registrars whose business includes supporting Internet
crime, by violating Internet standards, and in the process both: put  their
domains at greater risk of vulnerability to criminals doing the snooping;
and eventually the governments will wake up to the reality of what's going
on, and do a mass shut down of both the criminal enterprises, and innocents
who happen to be sharing those domains.

*        Do not use a domain which shares Freelists philosophy.


We recognize we live in a world where total confidentiality is not possible,
but there is a range of protection.


Some lists send a monthly reminder to subscribers regarding how to
unsubscribe, access archives, etc.  This appears to be automatic text for
many lists.  Since Cryptome list is sometimes dormant for a few months,
consider the automatic deal to also go dormant if no activity since the last
time it went out, if that is moderator setup doable.


Alister William Macintyre

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