[cryptome] Re: Freelists As Well As NSA Snooping.

  • From: Ben McGinnes <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 23:13:20 +1000

On 26/07/13 9:48 PM, John Young wrote:
> We have learned that Freelists, host of this list, makes all its
> lists' contents available for public harvesting, especially through
> Google.  Free lists asserts lists' contents are considered public
> information and are made available to contribute to public
> discourse.

The only way to be sure that's not the case is to run it yourself on
your own hardware.

> Now knowing that Freelists makes this list's contents available for
> harvesting is disturbing and we apologize for not knowing and
> warning subscribers. We should have known "free" means other than it
> seems.

Free as in beer, clearly.  ;)

> We are considering closing the list because of this harvesting,
> no different than spying. However, list members' opinion would
> be appreciated.

Well, I can only speak for myself, but I generally assume mailing
lists are public anyway.  My own email details have been out in the
wild for years, I deal with the spam and other crap on my server.

In the case of this list, every message includes these headers (with
one minor edit):

List-help: <mailto:ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?Subject=help>
List-unsubscribe: <cryptome-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?Subject=unsubscribe>
List-software: Ecartis version 1.0.0
List-Id: cryptome <cryptome.freelists.org>
X-List-ID: cryptome <cryptome.freelists.org>
List-subscribe: <cryptome-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxx?Subject=subscribe>
List-owner: <mailto:[REDACTED]>
List-post: <mailto:cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
List-archive: <http://www.freelists.org/archives/cryptome>
X-list: cryptome

It might be better if they used message footers (like Mailman and many
other mailing list software packages do), but they don't.


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