[cryptome] Re: Former Spy Chief Reveals bullcrap

  • From: Shelley <shelley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 13:09:05 -0800

On January 12, 2016 12:55:15 PM Michael Best <themikebest@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

FWIW, the description is from the book itself.

Oh, I could definitely tell. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you'd written that trashy blurb it or agreed with it. My crankiness threshold is lower than normal today (I know, is that even possible!? :p ) and when the Faux News goons start posting mindless drivel, it annoys me.

There's definitely stuff to disagree with in his book, pretty much
everything that's supposition. What's interesting are the first hand
accounts of things and admissions. When he over generalizes, it's pretty

[…] I'd check the book out of the library, but I wouldn't
recommend most people buy it unless the price is slashed at a used book

Library? For this? Nah: torrents via VPN, skim, delete. Heh. You're doing a public service by posting excerpts so I don't even waste the time and bandwidth on it.


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