[cryptome] FW: Schneier on Security: Data & Goliath

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Actually, Schneier's Cryptogram is very good this month...I like the way he
puts his stuff on security together, it is usually easy to understand, quite
logical and practical...probably one of those libertarian wimps with
connexions to the Security services... J.

See url: https://www.schneier.com/crypto-gram/archives/2015/0315.html


I have been subscribed to cryptogram for quite a few years now and find,
like cryptome, it is a good source and resource on security matters.





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The points made by Schneier in this article (or advertising blurb, depending
on your view of reality)  I thought were quite poignant and worthy of
further discussion.  Not a lot of people are talking constructively about
the subject, most people taking sides on one side of the debate or the
other.  He is advertising his new book of course...but I won't be inhaling
it...too expensive... J.


See url:




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