[cryptome] Re: FW: Purchasing a New Laptop for Missus: Continued

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Hi Andrew,

Tx for the advice.  I will certainly be going down that route.




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Depends on the size of the shoulder bag, honestly.  


For a smaller machine, I'd probably recommend a Lenovo X series... X61 is what 
my Missus carries.  X220/X230 is a good machine - used to deploy them at a 
former employer.  Pick one up with a docking station and a spare power adapter 
- the optical drive will be in the docking station.  With an extended battery, 
she can get anywhere from 6-9 hours of battery life out of the system, and it's 
not huge (physically).  Leave the docking station at home, throw a monitor, 
network cable, etc. on it and when she gets home, dock and go.


They're reliable boxes, I've seen one that got (accidentally) pitched down the 
steps and only suffered a cracked screen - never stopped working.  The X61 will 
run anything from XP to Windows 8, with aplomb.  Memory is upgradable from 512 
MB to 8 GB, I believe.  Uses a standard 2.5" SATA drive - which means that you 
can put standard SSD in it.  


The ThinkPads generally either have a backlit keyboard (more modern models) or 
a light that shines down from the top of the monitor when it's open - makes 
working in the dark really nice.  


It's also very well documented - do a Google search for HMM X61 or HMM X220 for 


The X1 Carbon that I personally carry is thinner, but with a bigger screen.  
Has an SSD, backlit keyboard, 8 GB RAM, 3G onboard... but, the cost is a little 
more and it may not fit the size requirements.  


Another option might be the ThinkPad T series systems, but they can get pretty 
heavy - have all the same features, but also have an optical drive onboard.


I did think about an SSD hard disk as I understand this makes a computer a lot 
faster and energy efficient,


And physical damage resistant since there's no rotational media.  


but they are very expensive,


Not on this side of the pond... but, I know you guys are VAT'd.  


perhaps a combination of the two might be best...What do you think...

Anything I have forgotten, or don’t know about, that you think might be worth 
incorporating... J.


--- A 


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