[cryptome] FW: Purchasing a New Laptop for Missus: Continued

  • From: "Douglas Rankine" <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:17:22 -0000

Dear Colleagues,


Exploring the situation further.  I have come to the following conclusions.


First of all, I have decided that it is better to forget about the security
aspects of purchasing a new laptop, because it has become obvious through
the discussions on here that laptops with enhanced security measures cost an
awful lot more...almost 3 times the price for some of them, yet there is no
guarantee that they are any more secure, anonymous, or private than any
other laptop at a third of the price. Sticky tape is the same price no
matter what camera and microphone one has on ones computer... J.  It appears
to me, from what you security guys have said on here, that the NSA, CIA, 5
I’s Russian FSB,  Chinese MSS and French DGSE, even when the missus would,
if she could,  be using TOR, TAILS, PGP and Bitcoin for secure and anonymous
communications and transactions of any kind, even if she were amenable are a
waste of time and money, for the standard of security she requires.  From
what I can see Uncle Tom Cobley’s International Conglomerate Security
Company et al. have got the whip hand, and the international computer
security protection industry is completely fucked. 


Thank you for your contributions so far, they have been most illuminating,
and very positive; and I have taken some of your suggestions on board and
now realise that I have to refine my specifications, for the purchase on the
basis of best value for money, which fits in with me missus’s wants, needs
and desires. 



There are two aspects to the specifications.  


Personal Criteria

1.        What me missus actually uses the computer for.

2.       What physical criteria she requires in terms of size and fashion,
weight, and whether it will fit into her shoulder bag.

3.       What functions the computer will deliver.

4.       The speed and reliability of the computer.

5.       The length of time the battery lasts before it needs recharging

6.       The operating system she is comfortable with.

7.       How well it will work in the dark or  abroad, in a cafe, aeroplane,
train, ferry or car or McDonalds.

8.       Value for money, the price compared with other, similar computers

9.       A price between £300 and £500 (unless there is a laptop which far
surpasses with its spec...up to £600 max.


Computer Functions.

1.       Email.

2.       Word Processing.

3.       Surfing the net.

4.       Photos, music and video files.

5.       Banking on line.

6.       The ability to stream, or upload and download documents and other
media files

7.       USB sockets at least 2 or 3 and USB2 or USB3. HMDI cable socket

8.       Storage 500gig to 1 terabit

9.       Keyboard...removable if possible...or with wireless attachable

10.   Reasonable speed processor, suitable for watching media

11.   Reasonable amount of RAM at least 2 gigs

12.   32 bit or 64 bit operating system

13.   Software, Windows 8, The usual Firefox, Thunderbird, Libre Office.
ITunes.  Cc cleaner. Grisoft free avg. Ghostery.

14.   Touch screen/keyboard flexibility.

15.   Wireless installed plus facility for 3g or equivalent card whilst

16.   Robustness...survive the occasional drop from a reasonable height.

17.   Detachable sticky tape with non sticky bit in the middle to cover over
camera lens.

18.   Chewing gum with the h highest deafness co-efficient to dampen mike
when not in use.


I did think about an SSD hard disk as I understand this makes a computer a
lot faster and energy efficient, but they are very expensive, perhaps a
combination of the two might be best...What do you think...

Anything I have forgotten, or don’t know about, that you think might be
worth incorporating... J.







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