[cryptome] FW: Netanyahu is a naughty boy and has been told off by Obama

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Dear Colleagues,

What a peculiar and confusing world we live in.


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See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_pot_calling_the_kettle_black


Netanyahu stands accused by Obama of making racist remarks about Arab voters
because a lot of them were exercising their rights of freedom of speech,
freedom of association and freedom of expression, by going to the polls in
the Israeli General Election en masse.


Personally, I thought Netanyahu was only making an astute observation , to
try and rally more Jewish voters to vote for his party, Likud, so that they
would win the general election.  And it showed, too,  how much the Israeli
Arabs believe in the present system, that they were all rushing to vote,
knowing that the parties they support couldn’t win.  Of course, he could
have and should have welcomed and encouraged such an increased participation
by the Israeli Arabs in the electoral process of their nation state, but
such is the nature of politics and its relationships with religious
organisations...Henry V111 and the Reformation, springs to mind.  In the
countries and governments of the British Isles, by an accident of birth,
Catholics and Protestants butchered, tortured and maimed one another on the
basis of the religion of their Monarch, no matter what government existed.
Rehabilitation after their death and that of the monarch, though pointless,
was very sweet... J. Eventually, the natives of the United Kingdom learned
to live together in peace and use the democratic process for resolving


  Very shortly before the Israeli election, in fact the day before,
Netanyahu also  said that there was no way he would support a two state
Israel...and then, after he was elected, he withdrew the policy.  Such a
volte face is not unusual for a politician of course, especially a leading
one on the world’s stage.  (I change my mind constantly, though I am not a
politician, just a human being)... J.   There was also some discussion
promoted by Netanyahu and certain sections of Israeli society to change the
Israeli Constitution to include the phrase “Jewish and Democratic State”, as
it doesn’t contain this at the moment, though it does occur in other
documents relating to the constitution.  I believe that this discussion is
still ongoing...though, whether it will survive the post election period is
another matter.


One can see his tactic. It is part of the long term strategy for Israel to
exercise its international legal rights granted by the League of Nations
Mandate and subsequent mandates and resolutions for its existence on the
world stage, within the terms and boundaries of the original Mandate drawn
up in 1922. Nothing wrong with that, again, in fact it should be welcomed, a
peaceful, political route is being pursued, even if it is hypocritical.
Most, if not all rulers of nation states are quite prepared and willing to
expand their territory, power and control they have in the world. In my view
it is all part of human nature and a fact of the nation state.  The ruling
elites all want to turn their nation states into empires.


An unfortunate consequence of the present constitutional changes being
debated in Israel would be that Israeli Arabs would be in danger of being
excluded from the same rights as Jewish citizens, because there would not be
the same rights for Arab immigration into a greater Israel, as there is for
the Jewish population.   One of the many and great difficulties facing the
Jewish citizens of Israel is a demographic one, in that the birth rate
amongst the Arab population is greater than that amongst the Jewish
one...and this is another reason for which the Jewish people feel
threatened.  Not only do they feel that the survival of their state is
threatened from the inside, but also from the outside, being surrounded by
Arab states who are all dominated by the Muslim religion and are very
hostile to the Jewish religion and to the formation of a Jewish State, and
to the Jewish people...hence the wars and terrorism which has befallen them.
This situation is not helped by the policies of Western governments, who
interfere on the basis of pursuing their own interests in foreign policy and
economics.  The Middle East conflict is a great place for engineering,
promoting and exacerbating conflicts.  It helps with the marketing, sales
and distribution of arms and materials, and places like the UK, the US,
Russia and European countries have armaments as one of their main and very
profitable exports.  And they have exported arms and other military
resources to all countries in the Middle East, at various times, both
overtly and covertly.  I dare say that China too, should be on this list.


Another reason why Netanyahu has called for Jewish families to emigrate to
Israel is to increase the economic, political, social, cultural and military
power of the Israeli State.    This policy serves three purposes, it
increases the Jewish population of Israel and it helps protect them from
anti-Semite pogroms around the world.  A bigger population tends to aid the
chances of survival of their nation state and promote prosperity.  A big
difficulty for this policy to work is that the Israeli economy is in a very
poor state, with high unemployment and a huge shortage of affordable
housing.  And of course, a lot of the Jewish Diaspora and their families are
quite prosperous, happy, healthy and content living where they are now,
despite any increase in anti-Semitism.  Mind you, it isn’t the only country
suffering from such difficulties... J.  There is a Scottish Diaspora all
over the world, due to the defeat of the Clan system and the Highland
Clearances, when Scots peasants were replaced by sheep.   The sheep may have
gone, but the Scots stayed abroad... J.


  There was a similar circumstance in Northern Ireland, where the Catholic
minority has a higher birth rate than the Protestants.  This led to trouble
in the 1960s, and eventually extreme violence, because the Protestant
majority and Catholic minority felt threatened by one another.  There was
also a lot of resentment amongst Catholics and Protestants because of the UK
of 1922 Government of Ireland Act which split up Ireland into two parts way
back in the 1920’s.  Up until that time the whole of Ireland had been a
British Colony, as was Palestine, the land of Israel.


  The troubles of course, led to much terrorism and bombings, both in
Northern Ireland and in the UK.  There were many organisations in the US who
sent money and helped with resources to the IRA because there are many Irish
émigrés there and they thought they were helping a liberation struggle.
Gaddafi’s Libya contributed arms, amongst other countries.  The splitting of
Protestant and Catholic communities into two camps was further enforced with
political terrorist gangs of the two denominations dressed up as political
activists, and supporting political parties, one calling for a closer
capitalist relationship with the Crown, the other one calling itself
socialist for a transfer of the land and communities of Northern Ireland  to
Eire.  Knee-capping, beatings, bullying and protection rackets to fund their
organisations, were the order of the day, as the state police were squeezed
out as they were considered as allies of the British government.  The
situation wasn’t helped by the UK government and the secret war, the sending
in of troops and the massacre of Catholics, which exacerbated the situation.
The fact that one cell of the British secret services was fighting other
cells in these gangs, trying to unmask each other’s agent provocateurs and
spies unbeknownst to head office, didn’t help much either!  (A need to
connect up the dots...to quote a famous phrase by Obama)... J.   Eventually,
the people of the province got tired of the violence, came to the conclusion
that nothing was going to be achieved by it; and, eventually a peace deal
was signed by all the major parties to the conflict, which, with one or two
exceptions, has been kept to.  The Northern Ireland government now operates
under a similar status to that of Scotland and Wales, with a regional
government created under the rules of the European Union.  The old
combatants have united into settling their differences through peaceful
political debate and measures in the local parliament.


Eventually, the Catholic population in Northern Ireland will outnumber the
Protestant one...in around 30 or 40 years at present rates...what will
happen then, is anyone’s guess...political situations and circumstances
change constantly.


This attack by Obama is a bit rich in my view. He is presiding over US
police forces who are throttling black people in the streets by the
thousand, using illegal methods of arresting and detention and shooting
other citizens who are innocent of any crime.  Such practices are without
any legal authority under the US constitution, or the regulations covering
police operating and command systems...and he doesn’t, or can’t do anything
about it.



It is very easy for Obama to criticise Netanyahu.


  The United States itself is a product of an armed conflict between the UK
and the colonial settlers from the rest of Europe, the War for Independence
and the Civil War, black slavery and the slaughter of native Americans and
the resettlement of what was left of the tribes on poor quality land.
Racism is rife, the representation of ethnic minorities in the government
and top echelons of the Civil Services is small.


One question in my mind which arises out of all of this.  Why and how does
the US see a two state solution regarding Israel and the Arabs living in the
area...as a way of resolving these problems?  If a two state solution were
created, would it lead to peace between the various groupings, factions and



Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could get rid of all states of any
kind...but there again...that’s what makes me such a romantic... J.







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