[cryptome] Re: FOIPA adventures ending in "No record letter mailed"

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Hi coderman,

When I was a farmer harvesting the field of information, I used the “3 Bells”
method. One bell was a mistake, 2 bells were a co-incidence, 3 bells were
certainly incompetence of a deliberate, conscious or subconscious nature, which
showed that there was a problem with the person dealing with it, or the
organisation dealing with it. 3 bells were enough to establish a prima facia
pattern of communication, a sort of traffic analysis of a very rough kind. As
you know, traffic analysis is a very important part of the field of
communications science... J.

The way I found to overcome the problem, or at least bring it to a head, was
to send a copy of my query(s) with the history of the transactions enclosed,
to the person one is dealing with and to the Head of the Organisation, with his
name and title on it, marked “Private & Personal”. The communication would be
sent by secure post. The copy of the email or correspondence would be marked at
the top as c.c.d to my M.P. and/or whomsoever I felt would be able to help,
like a newspaper or other social media which might take an interest. There are
disadvantages in this method, in that one can gain publicity and unwanted and
unasked for intrusion into one’s private life, but the advantages are that the
Chief Cook & Bottlewasher, or his/her secretary will take some action...even if
it is an incompetent nod and a wink, or a more malign kick up the ass. Most
M.P.s will jump at some kind of exclusive where a constituent of theirs is
suffering some kind of injustice, and may be willing to help. However, that as
may be, the fact that you are showing that you are not just some lump of shit
who can be treated with contempt is usually enough to get something moving.

Of course, remember the FBI might not have any records of this kind...and if
they do, they might be classified (although they aren’t saying that on your
queries which is a good sign, because if they are withholding information
illegally, then they could be in deep shit) so the onus is on you to prove
that they have...by providing evidence of a credible nature that this is so.
Not so much Snowden leaks but using Snowden leaks to learn how they apply to or
by the FBI itself, in the form of public statements or records which utter from
the FBI or one of its departments which mentions the events and people you are
making enquiries about. Court cases involving similar problems can help. The
recent Silk Road exposures by the FBI and the alleged illegality of the DEA
etc., and the methods which were used for breaking into TOR, comes to mind.
There has to be something on TOR on the FBI, after all the government funded
the darn thing, and the FBI has been using and training people to become highly
skilled at cracking it...communications forensic science is at a very advanced
stage in a number of places.

If none of this works, then let us know...Or, if I am teaching me grandmother
how to suck eggs... I apologise. We have a different system here in the UK and
I am not familiar with how open the Freedom of Information Act is or how it
works in the US.

I hope I have been of some help.



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i suggest mailing the form to muckrock so that they themselves can mail it.

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On 4/3/15, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

does this happen very frequently, i wonder? (i feel another FOIA coming
on... :)



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