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Dear coderman,
You may find the following url: https://cryptome.org/2015/08/poitras-001.pdf
It shows the sort of stuff which has to be made out before pursuing a case in

Personally, I think you are a long way from mounting a successful court case.
You need a lot more evidence of an admissible nature, to substantiate any
allegations or submissions you would wish to make. All that would happen, in
my view is that you would be fodder for the lawyers, wasting your time, and
more importantly, your money. It is a difficult job taking on the state as an
individual, even with the strongest of wills and the greatest of knowledge and
skill in the world, and being in the right to boot; taking on such a group as
the US intelligence and law enforcement establishment, and winning, is no easy
task. They are so ignorant and arrogant that they can't even teach their
police force to be nice to people and respect their civil rights, even when
they are in the right, far less, in the wrong.

Perhaps you might consider other, less costly, methods long before suing, such
as writing to the appropriate authorities, or authority in the hierarchy,
asking if you are doing something wrong in the submissions for your documents
and querying whether the FBI etc are actually interested in providing any
information at all under the FOI Act. You could also ask if they are holding
any information at all on you, and bringing your observations on the "sly
close" to their attention and asking them for their views on it, and how they
can be overcome it (after all they might not be aware of such a stratagem being
deployed by the person in charge of your case; with a copy of the
correspondence to others in a similar situation, or to your local, regional,
state or federal political representative, or someone who specialises in such
cases, or a civil rights organisation such as EFF...or all of them. If you
develop it right, you may need the help of a journalist (or two). In that way,
you would perhaps, be able to lighten the load on your own shoulders and build
up some steam by sharing information with others. The authorities always give
more respect to that kind of request, rather than that which comes from an
ordinary and individual citizen of the state...and by saying "ordinary" I mean
no disrespect... :-).

Diane Roark and the other colleagues with whom she was involved over the period
of time concerning Thinthread and Trailblazer, have now united together, and
are exchanging notes and decisions, submissions and declarations taken by their
"betters" in the intelligence agencies, and have submitted a joint case on
those actions and deliberations. A number of inconsistencies have appeared
regarding the law and legal principles put forward by the authorities, and this
case is bringing forward those anomalies and considerations to the
judges...and, more importantly, the public.
See url: https://cryptome.org/2015/08/drake-001.pdf
And url: https://cryptome.org/2015/08/klayman-3-001.pdf
Where Larry Klayman has got himself involved. (whether that is a good thing or
not...I know not...one will see how it develops...:-)). However, I think the
way he has presented his brief is well thought out and to the point regarding
the breach of his and the rights of every other American citizen regarding
their civil rights and protective provisions guaranteed by the US Constitution.
No person should be surveilled without an individual warrant for that
surveillance being issued by a judicial authority...Carry on the good work and
please keep us informed...:-). And people should be entitled to access any
information held about them by the state, so that they can at least have the
opportunity to have any wrong information corrected.

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On 2/5/15, coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"you want me to consent to make my FBI file public? Are you fucking mad?"
- https://twitter.com/thegrugq/status/563036665837789184

the FBI requests have been informative.

i have observed what i call the "sly close" at work, which i hope to expand on

this involves requesting DoJ-361 documentation for a request, "A fix is
required to perfect the request."

then the request immediately goes into
"A no responsive documents response."
when documents are sent / receipt of delivery confirmation provided.

this is anomalous because a proper request goes into "An acknowledgement
letter, stating the request is being processed."
for some period before reaching a final state.

i will have to sue to get my docs, or force them to bring charges? one
conjecture is that active investigations get sly close, not just past files
with unflattering contents...

best regards,
innocentman who did not participate in the heist crimes with CHAPPiE!

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