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see url: http://www.lisbon-treaty.org/wcm/the-lisbon-treaty/treaty-on-European-union-and-comments/title-6-final-provisions/137-article-50.html

And url: http://www.lisbon-treaty.org/wcm/the-lisbon-treaty/treaty-on-the-functioning-of-the-european-union-and-comments/part-5-external-action-by-the-union/title-5-international-agreement/506-article-218.html

Dear Colleagues,

All the legal and political hurdles have been removed for the UK government to make a formal application of notice to leave the European Union under Section 50 The Lisbon Treaty. As Section 50 is very short and sweet and to the point, I thought our colleagues might like to read it. The negotiating procedure is contained in the url underneath it...which is a lot longer.

Of course, the political turmoil which has come about over the issue, both within the Disunited Kingdom, and outside of it in the rest of Europe, on immigration, class, race, political, economic, social and cultural grounds, has increased somewhat; with the Scottish government asking for another independence referendum to occur before we leave, because they want to stay in and stymie the Westminster Parties, and the concerns about the border arrangements between Eire and Northern Ireland becoming of increasing concern, due to the likelihood of mass immigration across its unpoliced and free border with the Irish Free State. Then of course, there is the vexed problem of Calais and other ports on the Shenghen border which stop access to the UK because of the special border arrangements which the UK has with France, paying 10's of millions to the French government for allowing a part of Calais to become the leased sovereign territory of the UK immigration in Calais and the erection of gates and walls and fences around the port. (Have you noticed how we all learn from each other...:-),).

see url: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/0/dutch-election-far-right-could-win-not-rule-country-known-liberal/

Important elections take place in the Netherlands today with the Turks in uproar at the governments' refusal of permission of their ministers to address rallies of Turkish immigrants for the Turkish referendum on their constitution and to participate in the internal affairs of the country and the Nether parts furious at this interference in their affairs, particularly at election time, with the threat of an extreme right party winning. They haven't yet realised that interference of states in each others elections has been going on a long time, including that their own governments are the main culprits, on the motto of do unto others as you would do unto yourself.

The European Union too is in increasing disarray, Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Germany to name but a few, and with elections coming up in the near future; and getting all of its governments to agree to a deal of separation with the UK is going to be a very difficult and complicated business, with all those economic and other interests to satisfy.

As you may or may not know, and of little interest really, my own views were always opposed to the UK joining the European Union, if only because I was never given a vote on it. This was eventually rectified, and although I didn't vote for membership, I accepted the result and just went along with it. After all, the UK has been making political and economic alliances and treaties for thousands of years, ganging up on this country or that country, just as its spawn has done. I was much surprised and pleased when once again, under Mr. Cameron's Conservative government I was given the pleasure of once again putting my cross down on the exit box, and, for the very first time was voting the same way as the majority of the population of the nation state of which I am a subject, citizen and member.

I was never opposed to a bigger economic market, though I always thought it was better to have a world market with as few tariffs and restrictions as possible, and I have always supported the free movement of people throughout the world, seeing nation states as a barrier to my and everyone elses human right to live and work anywhere we like on the planet, without restriction. I have always been opposed to the empire building politicians who wished to make the European Union and eventually the world into one domain in which their leaderships and establishments wished to exercise and wield enormous political and economic power on behalf of the international corporations and conglomerates, far preferring the "small is beautiful" kind of life which in my more naive days was more of a piece of wishful thinking from the days of "flower power" in the 1960's and an optimism that communism was the best way forward than any other social, economic and political system, makes me laugh when I think back on it, and think, "But for the grace of God" phrase comes into mind, except I don't have the faith. Good job that reality broke in and I stopped taking the pills...and smoking the smoke...:-)

Interesting times though....and I feel privileged and am looking forward to one of the most complex set of political negotiations which will take place in world history, as Europe...and the rest of the world seeks to unravel just 60 years of European unionism. I am very pleased that President Trump will be leading those negotiations to look after the strategic and economic interests of the United States affairs abroad, sitting in his little office in Trumpton Tower with his Twitter account and direct line to the NSA and CIA and all those numerous other intelligence and security agencies which are helping to keep America safe from those other bolshie aspiring expansionist immigrants around the world with more boots on the ground in Syria, without permission of course, who needs such silly little things in a democracy...:-).

As I keep saying to all my friends and colleagues who are are Remainders, never mind about the bullshit on both sides of the argument, we an always change our minds if we don't like the stuff in its latest form. Bullshit comes in so many flavours and so many colours and textures and smells, big and small, constipated turd like and wet like diarrhoea, with or without the 'h' from stars and stripes to blue crosses and red dragons to signs of unity and half moonies and sickles and ploughs, and national anthems booming out the glory of the leader and the hegemony of its cultural empire.


Peace and Love, from a disunited kingdom and a Lesser Britain.


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