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Further to the copyright and public domain issues raised by this case...see url below.

Quote<<<*February 14, 2015:* Cryptome, a site that posts hacker documents and that sort of thing, incorrectly assumes that, because the film was entered as evidence, it has entered the public domain and is free for anyone to use. Cryptome posts two copies of the full film for download on its website.

   Defense provided 2 DVDs of Citizenfour as exhibit in Edwards suit.
   So film in public domain as unsealed record. On HBO 2/23/15. Leaking $.

   — Cryptome (@Cryptomeorg) February 14, 2015

"I personally doubt this use of the film would avoid copyright infringement of uses of the film that were not otherwise fair, eg, comment on legal issues pertaining to the film," Jerome Reichman, a professor at Duke University's Center for the Study of the Public Domain, told me.

In other words, you can probably download and watch the film to comment on whether or not this lawsuit has any merit. Edwards and Lamfers, therefore, have, by filing this lawsuit, perhaps indirectly exposed classified information to more people. In any case, there are now easy-to-access, direct download links to the film.>>>end of quote

On 04/03/15 09:53, doug wrote:
see url: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/everything-about-the-edward-snowden--citizenfour-lawsuit-is-batshit-crazy

A nice timeline and a far better resume than mine...

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