[cryptome] Edwards v Snowden. Amendment of case: Government Can Do no Wrong

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Government Can Do No Wrong


Mr. Edwards is getting cleverer...not a bad amendment of his case for an 89 year old. He is certainly learning as he goes along. He is trying to stop the distribution of citizen4 on February 22nd. One wonders who is supporting him, or who will come to financially and politically support him, if he continues with his case...He is trying to get a declaration, an injunction both temporary and permanent, as he is being caused so much harm, both mentally and physically by the release of the film. In fact, he is in fear of his life, due to all those terrorist groups learning from Snowden and they have all moved over to using sooper dooper security systems and encryption, like W.O.M.B. and smoke signals...:-) . These new methods are going to defeat the US government and leave the citizens of the United States open to a 9/11 type terrorist attack.

As well as being a constructive trust, there is an insurance fraud being carried out, this is leading to civil and criminal liabilities against the defendants. Apparently the film is insured and as it contains secret and classified information, which is unlawful, the insurance should be null and void. Presumably, under US law if a film for distribution isn't insured it can't be distributed...though don't quote me on that...I might have misunderstood...

It is interesting to note that, if all the provisions of the plaintiffs case were to be recognised, accepted and became part of US law...a state of fascism would exist in the United States...and throughout the world.

The principle being put across here is; no matter what the government does, even if it is criminally wrong, far less immoral or unethical, revealing classified information, exploiting classified information by reproducing it without permission by the government is a civil and criminal offense, because it causes harm to the individual and the population.

It is the sort of law we have here in the UK, with one exception, the balance between national security and public interest...which is decided by judges in secret courts, or evidence en camera...
Enjoy...all 227 pages...:-) . Lovely weekend reading.

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