[cryptome] Re: Do Systems Admins have the legal right to destroy their employers IT Systems?

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  • Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 13:14:37 +0000

give power to the unsung heros. for without the skill and dedication of an sa. we would have no internet.
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Interesting conundrum...If it says in the SA's contract of employment
that he/she has the right, duty and responsibility to delete etc files,
software and change their employers IT systems, does this mean that they
have the legal right to dump the whole lot when they leave or are
sacked?  The company sacked the Admin's best friend and founder member
of the company, so that they didn't have to pay him any money or
continue his contract with the new company to which they were selling
the business, (a common problem for SA.s, they set up a system, get it
running smoothly and the employer, making a profit, wishing to make a
quick buck sells it, giving plenty of credit but no money to the SA),
and offered the SA a bonus to continue, instead he took down the system.

Employers everywhere in the US may be quaking in their shoes on the result of this
appeal...but I am sure that the letter of the law will find some
different conclusion in Equity...otherwise the system which supports the
ignorant and greedy and power hungry would collapse...:-)

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