[cryptome] Re: Diane Roark v NSA: Thinthread & Trailblazer

  • From: coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 13:49:16 -0800

more seriously, John Gilmore on this subject:

NSA hates sunshine. NSA secrecy relies on the cowardice of most
people. Courage is all it takes to beat them.

If NSA tries to shut you up, just shine a lot of attention on their
attempt to shut you up. Spread the information that they are trying
to suppress, far and wide. Send copies to a dozen random post-office
boxes in different cities, asking the recipient to physically bring it
in to their local newspaper. Leave your cellphone at home, then stash
copies in places that you don’t frequent, so that government agents
can’t come raid your house and office and steal all copies of what
they’re trying to suppress. In my case I posted something like this
(a suppressed paper by Ralph Merkle) to Usenet, and it was suddenly on
thousands of servers overnight.

NSA habitually decides that the publicity that their activities get
from any continued effort to suppress the information is FAR worse
than the damage caused by the initial release of the info. Any
efforts they make to shut you up, prosecute you, jail you, etc give
you a perfect soapbox, and the attention of the news media and the

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