[cryptome] Re: Diane Roark V NSA: Interview

  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2014 13:31:12 +0000

Very interesting interview indeed.

This dragnet survei9lance and wanton disregard for the rest of humanity
will ultimately erupt in ww3 I fear.
The slide from National security, to  criminal investigation (evidence
gathering ?)is getting out of hand. the next step will be to redefine
what is a crime to the extent that merely being of the wrong colour or
genetic make-up will be sufficient to render one subject to the long arm
of the "law".

One only has to look at the way the police are being militarized to see
the writing on the wall. much of what has been going on in the US has
been and is taking place in the UK and other 5 eyes countries as well.

It is indeed a sad day when an oversight body becomes effectively
useless and by definition superfluous.

But then we should not be surprised.the security community, especially
within the open source movement have been steadily warning us that we
should take measures to protect our privacy even on-line or by whatever
means of communication we use to comunicate confidentially.

And now we are seeing a proliferation of quick fix solutions to the
problem but unfortunately the average Joe is either not sufficiently
knowledgeable and hence cannot properly assess the viability of such
solutions nor are they willing to learn proper opsec should the need so

society has by and large been persuaded to take the convenient route
naively relying on plug and play applications to do all the work for them.

take, for example the new Google one click captcha.


 which will be replacing the original one which is capable of
identifying the user by the mouse movements not only within the captcha
area but generally on the whole page I would imagine.

Other variables are used as well which Google are not disclosing
because, they claim doing so would render the new captcha more
susceptible to exploit by nefarious people..



On 08/12/2014 11:21, doug wrote:
> http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/government-elections-politics/united-states-of-secrets/the-frontline-interview-diane-roark/#seg16
> or tiny url: http://tinyurl.com/moldjbo
> There is also a transcript underneath the video, just to make sure
> that her spoken word is clear...
> Dear Colleagues,
> After doing some research over the weekend, I discovered the following
> interview with Diane Roach on her relationships with the Intelligence
> services.  Apparently she was an NSA staffer working with the House
> Intelligence Services for many years. She is married and has children.
>  Actually she reminds me very much of my mother...one of the old
> school...tough love in bringing up children...and with a strong sense
> of right and wrong.  Once she has made up her mind that something is
> wrong, there is no going back, the stoicism of a stoic.  And the
> Intelligence, Security Services and Law Enforcement have tried almost
> everything to try and shut her up, once they found out that they
> couldn't convince her of the "errors" of her ways.
> It is a long interview, almost an hour, but one that I thought most
> interesting, in lots of different ways, particularly the insight she
> gave to her relationships with the bureaucrats and politicians. She
> wasn't high enough up in the hierarchy to reach the top, but high
> enough to invite their wrath, from the judiciary as well.  The
> interview covers her situation far more adequately than I ever
> could...and I want to move on to other things.
>   One can see from her demeanour that she has been through many and
> long term traumatic experiences. What she thought was going to be a
> happy and relaxed retirement, pleasurably learning new things, turned
> out to be a very painful experience, still learning new things, but
> not quite in the way she would like to have done.
> From the interview one can see that the "wild things" have taken over
> the NSA, those who don't care a hoot about civil liberties, but more
> about covering their backs and earning money. 9/11 allowed those
> backward forces in the US to gain the upperhand in the name of
> security and by playing on the fears of their fellow Americans...skull
> & bones and all that stuff. How she has withstood the pressure, and
> for such a long time, over 10 years, is quite amazing and a real
> compliment to her personna. It will be interesting to see how her
> campaign for justice an get the return of her computer and emails will
> fair with the latest judicial application.
>  It is not over yet, by any means, the Snowden enlightenment has
> helped, but there are powerful forces at work, to take the citizens of
> the United States, down a path which they might not want to
> travel...but there you are...c'est la vie!!!... :-).
> Enjoy.
> Dougie.


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