[cryptome] Destroyers Guided Missile Near Syria

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Guided Missile Destroyers Near Barry Shoot news roundup P.3

Destroyers Guided Missile Near Syria P.4 Mahan Shoot

Destroyers Guided Missile Near Syria P.1 Gravely & Ramage another two
destroyers Tomhukim way there .. the night video


Guided Missile Destroyers Near Barry P.2 news roundup
ALSO::: New video of al Qaeda who in recent days shows a truck stop last
weapons from Iraq to Syria's Assad forces (at least allegedly)
3 drivers were executed only after Alawite identified (minute 8:00 - Those
who want to skip this part)
Al Qaeda control several regions within countries seam lines
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kIuMEcY5B8 &

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