[cryptome] Deployment of the Art of Science and Deception: Volkswagen's Version of How to pass an exam

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It is estimated that 23,000 people died in the UK due to air pollution from PM10s and other combustion engine pollutants in the last year. Many UK cities have become so concerned about this atmospheric pollution that they are introducing speed limits on motorways to cut it back, which can be of great inconvenience for ordinary people going about their daily business, and add to the expense of getting goods and services to the market place. There are many ways to reduce air pollution of course, one could return to the use of horse power for instance... :-). However, one of the leading world car making companies decided that using animals was not as efficient for hauling cars along the motorways and byeways of the world; as designing a little piece of software which detected when the car was being tested for noxious gases and adjusted the engine inputs and outputs accordingly. The company concerned has made its name on producing very good quality and highly sophisticated motor cars for the use of Joe Public and which used technology which made them more ecologically sound with higher energy efficiences than the competition. In fact it was so proud of its technical skills that it advertised and marketed its cars on that basis, so that Joe Public could make his/her contribution to cutting back on damaging the environment and human life by removing PM10's from exhaust fumes.

Now, of course the purpose of conducting tests and examinations, or inquiries and scientific investigations,is to find out if apiece of equipment is doing the very thing of limiting that damage to living things or the environment, even the village idiot can comprehend that. Allowing producers of goods, things and services, to conduct their own "independent" evaluations, whilst being a very cheap way of finding out about the existence of problems, and the philosophy of leaving such examinations and conduct of business to market forces and the freedom of the market, Adam Smith style, is all very well. However, we have all seen what happened when the major economic states of the world deregulated the financial markets, and allowed banks and investment companies to set up Ponzie schemes using peoples wages and everyday accounts to speculate, perfectly legally, in the risk investment market, particularly credit/debit default swaps and such like.

Do we not teach our children to seek the truth, to tell the truth and not adopt practices which would not only protect ourselves,but others? Do we not punish and condemn our young for telling lies, or deceiving others? Is the law and human justice and equal human rights of no practical importance in our society. Should only certain sections of the community be exempt from the laws of humanity? Of course they should, however would we survive without them... :-).

But...man's ingenuity knows no bounds and the great faith and enthusiasms which most of our politicians, civil servants and C.E.O.s have that they won't get found out knows no bounds. Even though, like Bitcoin anonimity gets proved to be a myth every day, they carry on regardless. 11 million secrets, as even the C.I.A. and N.S.A. and G.C.H.Q. have found out, are very difficult secrets to keep, and the truth will out at some stage. Of course,Volkswagen are not the only car manufacturers in the world, and they all spy in one another, an different states use different forms of regulation, so I daresay that Volkswagen will not be the only car producerto be found out. What I also find interesting is they way that the various Societies of Motor Manufacturers are pleading ignorance of the game and even denying the consequences and already trying to get Joe Public to move on and forget all about it as the regulations are soon to be changed. They are also welcoming change to the legislation, completely denying all those procedures, procrastinations and prevarications in which they have indulged so vociferously about in the past.

Last of all, are the C.E.O.s the boards of directors and the polticians and civil servants so stupid, or so ego-sodden that they think that somehow, they and/or their families are somehow impervious to such noxious gases and pollution,and that their great wealth and ingenuity in producing vehicles which are not fit for their purpose will somehow not affect them and their health? Do they believe that they have super genes, impervious DNA as well as the greatest intelligence on the planet? We human beings are a very strange lot indeed...and some people think that we, as a species will exist for ever and are the ultimate in the product of evolution. It is intereresting to note that we are not only the oldest species in terms of evolution, but also we are the product of mistakes of evolution, and that we are also the youngest species of evolution...and surviving is about being flexible in our thinking and having the ability to adapt to new circumstances, rather than holding back on scientifice evolution by using deceptive software. Aren't we lucky that we won't live for ever... :-).

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