[cryptome] Declassifying and Classifying Diana Rourke

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  • Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 18:38:45 +0100

see url: https://cryptome.org/2016/05/roark-132.pdf

I see that Diane Rourke is still having difficulty getting the remains of her hard disk back. Instead the US government has given up on returning her hard disk and is resorting to a paper resume. Apparently, can't make up its mind whether there are 132 or 133 documents which are unclassified and have asked for an extension of time to investigate further, due to a problem with their software...(nuffink new there then...). I don't know why they don't use the medium of papyrus, surely that would be considered as more authentic, as it is amongst the most ancient of the written media. It is costing an awful lot of money and resources apparently, as they are having to get their facts right, because every time their experts get it wrong, then good ole Diana puts in another court appeal to get it sorted. The trouble with this case of course is that the US government has this terrible habit of classifying everything as top secret until such time as it can be declassified and then when it is declassified, they have forgotten that they have declassified it. Then they think that they have classified a document only to find that it has been unclassified, then they discover that the classification/declassification is a conditional classification or declassification, allowable in the public domain, but not in the public court in which Diana is pursuing her case. This leads to another problem like the classified Snowden documents which are publicly known all over the world, but are still classified and what the US government is to do about them. Who would want to be a national security agent and secrecy legal expert these days...apart from the huge amounts of money of course...and if they get it wrong....who pays...not them...but the US taxpayer...cest la vie...



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