[cryptome] Deception by Polygraph deceivers?

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  • Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 13:35:39 +0100

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Via cryptome.

Does it deceive or does it not deceive? That is the question. Is it the
conductor of the polygraph test who organises the deception? Is it the
Polygraph machine, which is a scientific technological wonder which never
makes a mistake in its scientific analysis of the lie or truth, that the US
government can be confident in winning a court case on it? Are any tests on
the system classified, and if so, what about transparency in the justice
system. Can an entrapment scheme be an honest enterprise? Has the
Polygraph test and machine ever been subject to scientific analysis by an
outside, external and independent body? Is it the C.I.A. or the N.S.A. or
the government of the USA, the renowned and only purveyors of absolute truth
in the world, who are the only people and organisations in the world, who
know the difference? Has any of the universities, research bodies or other
such academic and professional institutions conducted independent tests into
it, and if so, where are they?

Is it the former KGB and its agents who are the liars who say that the
polygraph test can be undermined, sabotaged, made to give out false
positives and false negatives? Is it only the USA government which believes
in the Polygraph test? Can the results of a polygraph test by challenged in
court, can the results of a test be used as credible evidence in court as to
whether a person is a liar, or whether the polygraph and the tests are

Is it the polygraph manufacturers and their marketing executives who are
doing the deception?

If the polygraph cannot be deceived, if it is not a fraud, then why not
conduct a test of all of the participants in the trial. Judge, jury, court
reporters, witnesses, accused, lawyers. Do it all in secret and then
release the results after the jurors have made their decision.

Can one scientifically determine what makes up a truth or a lie?

Who is deceiving who? Interesting case...Luv it... J. More power to the
polygraph test, more power to the professional deceivers, more power to
classified information being dumped on the internet, by true believers in
the US system of secrecy... J



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