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Hi Neal,

I have heard of the graves of Ur. Have you ever been to the British Museum? I went a couple of times, my wife and children came with me. We went to see the Rosetta Stone and, on the second occasion, the Elgin Marbles. It is a very big place and there is no way one could see all of it in a month of Sundays.

I was very lucky in that I was born and lived about 200 yards from Antonine's Wall, which was the furthest point the Romans penetrated into Scotland (apart from the occasional skirmish with the barbarians further north). They established a base at Bonnybridge, and I took my wife and children there too, to visit. Central Scotland is very rich in ancient history, and I gained an interest in archaeology when I was very young.

Of course the further back one goes in history, the more difficult it is to interpret what has occurred. Only artefacts are left, as writing has only been around for a couple of thousand years. and many archeologists have vivid imaginations. We went on a camping expedition round the North of Scotland many years ago, visiting the Highlands & Islands, and there we visited settlements where the Beaker Folk had lived. Not much left but circular pebble stoned buildings without roofs and very little is known about them, though they are thought to have come from Iceland or Greenland. There are lots of stone henges in Scotland though and we were surprised to find so many. I thought that there was only one Stonehenge, here in England, but there are lots of them, all over the place.

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Oh! My apologies, I didn't realise that you go back that far, that is amazing...how far back have you been.

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