[cryptome] Re: De-Classification DNI FBI FISA Hops NSA 215 702 etc.

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I watched the Senate Judiciary hearing, and took my usual many pages of
notes, then tried to digest into coherent form (where any of my observations
are stated differently, from my figuring out what the heck it is, they say,
is going on).  They referred to MORE de-classifications than the ones I
found on the DNI site, and MORE than I saw the other day on FAS site.  I am
on the hunt, and if and when I find more, I will (try to) add to the story.


*       Some letters to Congress have been de-classified.  I have seen some
already, I do not know if I have seen all, relevant to issues of current
interest to me: Drones; IRS; Surveillance.
*       Some statistics have been de-classified.  I had seen some earlier,
so I don't know how much is new.
*       There are the 54 plots allegedly disrupted thanks to 702 + 215 +
other tools.  Supposedly only the details are classified.  I have yet to see
an intelligible list of more than a handful of them.


These hearings SAY they are adding things to THE RECORD.  But it seems to me
that their record is not public, unless they choose to release some of it


A site I visit regularly, and also get some of their postings via RSS, is:


FAS = Federation of American Scientists

SGP = Government Secrecy Project . FAS finds stuff the US gov has done, but
neither told the US people, nor classified secret, then makes it available
to us in an organized fashion.


For example, here's all stuff which came out in 2013 July (a lot)


We can dig thru the links to see similar collections from prior months.



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thank you for your analysis. its very informative.

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