[cryptome] Cyber Attacks Analysis

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The UK has the best Cyber Security System in the world....probably. According to the Health Secretary Amber Rudd. Our intelligence and security services are the best in the world...probably. Our National Health Service runs on Windows XP. Probably the best operating system in the world...all it needs is a few patches. The American Intelligence Community is definitely the best in the world...Look at the havoc they can cause with their super duper encryption tools and zero day exploits, which they give out to all and sundry as they think fit. Still, all will be solved soon, when the new FBI Director is put in place. He/She will sort those Ruskies, and Chinese out...on the golf course...probably.

See url: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/13/wannacrypt_ransomware_worm/

Just had a wonderful 3 weeks holiday in France. No radio, no television, no internet. Very quiet and peaceful it was, working away on our property, reading all the latest fiction, and deception novels about truth and modern Utopianism, such as Transhumanism which is going to be saving the world...soon.

Apart from seeing a few photos of the candidates as we were passing l'hotel de la Marie noticeboard in our local Commune, there was absolutely no sign of the Presidential election. The National Front are getting very close to the electoral figures which were obtained by the NSDAP in Germany in the 1930's, before they took power.

Here in the UK, when I returned home, I see that there is a full blown general election campaign going on. Looks like the Conservatives will win with an overwhelming majority. The other political parties are in complete and utter disarray...with the exception of the Scottish National Party. Still, there is still a long and tortuous way to go to the election, and a lot can happen in a day in politics.

There is a new Labour Party slogan, which has to remain a secret, due to Jeremy Corbyn having embargoed it as every time he tries to say it, it sticks in his craw. It is called "BREXIT WRECKS IT". Most of the Labour MP.s support Remain, most of their constituents don't. And...up until he became Leader of the Labour Party, neither did Jeremy Corbyn. What a to do...




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