[cryptome] Cuba: Recognition: at last

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see url: http://cryptome.org/2014/12/wh-new-course-cuba.pdf

At long last, a move forward, in US foreign policy, the recognition that an old policy which hasn't worked, didn't work, never would work. The blockade is being lifted. Now US Senators will be able to enjoy Cuban cigars without hiding their origins and smoking them in the toilet, and Cuban exiles who smuggle Cuban goods into the USA will go out of business (With the exception of George Galloway of course, who smoked his way through a Havana Cigar whilst going to be interviewed by a Senate Committee about his devotion to Saddam Hussein, without being arrested for sabotage of import controls). Only took 50 years and many failed assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, to get the new policy up and running. Now we have a new policy of sharing, exchange and mutual help. We are all friends now...good. Communism is dead...well...apart from in a tiny bit of the world called China, of course, but they will be next on the agenda...and I am sure will be won over very easily... :-)

Now, all the Cubans have to deal with once the trade embargo is lifted is the opening of diplomatic relations, trade exchanges, American loans, grants, and the re-opening of the US Embassy in Havana and other Cuba/US trading organisations being set up. More opportunities for spying. How are they going to deal with the C.I.A. and all those other American "heritage" freedom and democracy and human rights organisations in the future, particularly now the Cuban emigres will be returning to their native country. How are they going to deal with all that technology and all those conduits and shell companies which will be introduced; and all the money which will be pumped into their economy, which will be dressed up in the name of developing democracy and economic collaboration, but used for building holiday resorts, subterfuge and sabotage of Cuban institutions, building gambling casinos and brothels, as in the "good ole days", will make interesting watching. What about Assassination Politics in Cuba, has POTUS given assurances that he and his toy, the C.I.A. will not target Raoul Castro, just as it did his brother?
see url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_attempts_on_Fidel_Castro

The chance of nuclear war in 1961 between the USSR and the USA over Cuba and its import of Soviet Missiles, which could attack the main centres of USA populations within 3 minutes or whatever it was, was almost a certainty...and the whole world held its breath.
see url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_missile_crisis

Both sides were lying and denying to their back teeth. Kennedy organised a "face saving" exercise, with Kruschev by them both agreeing to keep the deal quiet from the world at large, so that the USA would remove their missiles from Turkey and Italy (which the American people knew nuffink about) some time after the Soviet missiles were removed from Cuba. It was a great victory for America. It was a great victory for common sense too.

Sooty, the sock puppet.

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