[cryptome] Re: Cryptome for sale with access log files from 1996 for $50,000,000

  • From: Shelley <shelley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <cryptography@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <cypherpunks@xxxxxxxxxx>, <nettime-l@xxxxxxxx>, John Young <jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2015 02:59:05 -0700

On October 14, 2015 9:32:30 PM John Young <jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Cryptome for sale with access log files from 1996 for $50,000,000.

Authentic Cryptome Archive for $10,000.

More evidence that the site has probably been compromised, yet again:

Excerpt from 2003 subpoena, via http://cryptome.org/cryptome-log.htm:

Hash SHA1




I, John Young, administrator of Cryptome, hereby declare that logs of Cryptome are deleted daily, or more often during heavy traffic, to protect the privacy of visitors to the site. Cryptome does not own or know the location of the machine which hosts its virtual private server under a service agreement with NTT Verio. There are several international mirrors of the files on Cryptome, all of which, to the best of my knowledge, delete logs to protect privacy of visitors.

Attested and communicated to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by this PGP-signed statement published on Cryptome, 6 January 2003:

http://cryptome.org/cryptome-log.htm ---


Logs going back to 1996? That'd be perjury. I don't buy it.

Domain is not for sale at the registrar and transfer is still prohibited. Fyi.


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