[cryptome] Re: Cryptome, Twitter Deletions & Log Leaks & the Internet of Things

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  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2015 20:56:30 -0700

On 10/10/15, doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,
I have been a follower of the Cryptome website almost since the day it
opened, and usually visit it at least once a day, except when I am away
on holiday. When I joined the Cryptome mailing list in 2013, I did so
after reading all the posts since it started and decided that it had
something to offer me in terms of new knowledge and experience, in
return for which I would be able to share my own pennyworth with
others. After a sticky start and a number of misunderstandings both by
myself and by others, I have settled down and am thoroughly enjoying the
experience and have gained a lot from my subscription, for which I thank
our colleagues very much...and hope to continue doing so.

the salt of life :)

As most of you will know on this list, I am not a "techie" or "geek",
understanding very little of the mathematics or the theory of computer
software and hardware, and one of the reasons I subscribed was to find
out more about those areas and how they affect the use of our
computers. My own experience and knowledge of communications technology
has been derived more from the practice of political dissent and the
philosophy and practice of survival, both of the species...and more
importantly...myself... :-). I don't subscribe to Twitter or
Facebook...not because of any fears I may have, but because I have never
felt the need for them. I therefore know next to nothing about them.

Snowden has started tweeting, and it's pretty amusing at times:

i admit to creating a facebook account on their hidden service
https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ and then finding almost no use for
it except viewing family pictures from relatives on the opposite

I have known for many years, at least since the 1960's about the
surveillance which is carried out by the international intelligence and
security services, both in the UK and abroad, as it was at that time I
became a political dissenter, so called revolutionary and communist.

you sick bastard!

In my time it was telephone tapping and opening of the post mainly, or
taking photographs of people going on political demonstrations or
attending "subversive" political meetings and taking notes of the
speeches made, who attended etc. The more costly forms of surveillance
were kept for the foreign diplomats, Soviet spies or for those people
who tried to penetrate the British State or companies and contractors
supplying secret services and goods, particularly in the arms industry
and the military, and tried to steal patents or intellectual property

the good ole' days. proportionate surveillance. directed. limited.

good times...

I have personally never discovered whether my telephone had been
tapped or my post opened...that is not to say that it didn't happen of
course, even though my role in the communist party and trades union
movement was a purely minor one, and I was only a member for around 7
years, before becoming more learned and discerning and moved on to more
interesting areas. It may well be that the British Security services
respected my human rights, my right to privacy of communications,
without a wiretap etc. I do know that the British communist party hq
was broken in to by criminals, long after I left and that the personal
details of all the members, including previous ones were stolen.

my wife and good friends directly, personally, and indefensibly harmed by GCHQ.

another story for another day, but those fuckers have it coming. the
pig fuckers too ;)

In my time, I have known some of the original founders of the British
Communist Party, spoken with them and listened to their experiences and
work for the communist party and the surveillance they came under,
including travelling abroad, to those places which were considered as
enemy lands and peoples. The reason I am saying this is because it is
as well to remember that surveillance by the authorities has taken
place, not only in your lifetime and my lifetime, but also since time

i've seen these tactics applied to state power. religious power.
educational institution power. corporate power.

at some point you recognize full and total decentralization is the
only common thread for equitable justice.

Personally, I have never had any illusions about state or other
surveillance taking place on or around Cryptome and its environs. In
fact, I would be very surprised indeed if it wasn't happening...
In fact, in my view it makes a unique and major contribtion to the field
of human rights, computer education, security and intelligence, all of
which is open source and John Young and Deborah Natzios should be
congratulated for their dedication and time they have spent and do spend
creating and developing Cryptome...For John Young, especially at his
age, his output is quite incredible... :-).

here here!

I particularly liked the
warning he issues on the website regarding the main principles of
security and about the individual's false sense of security being the
main problem. I notice that this has been recently deleted...Such is
the way of life of the internet...they move on... :-).

yes; have you seen such anywhere else? :)

I have been following the correspondence with Mike Best on this list
and at Cryptome's Twitter Account regarding his research on the Cryptome
logs, and finding them "leaky" whatever that means! I personally would
like to thank him very much for his drawing to my attention, the leak
via this list, and I hope that we all learn from his research. However,
I am not particularly concerned about it, having adopted the approach,
long before Snowden confirmed it, that everything and everyone on this
list, in common with all other lists and internet activitiy is
surveilled not only by GCHQ but most other intelligence services...

[ hash tags are a twitter thing, it seems :]

Have fun... :-).

always; thanks Doug!

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