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John, I absolutely love the work and the projects you are doing to further the 
exposure of assorted things, corruption in governments, and watching you knock 
people off of their high horses often too..

I just need to run and throw some money into the bank in a bit here so I can 
contribute to this kick starter project, and while I'm here, (and this is a bit 
off topic), but I was curious about something;  I have been wondering if I was 
to challenge Obama (This might sound crazy to some, but I don't mind),  I want 
to know if a message like this would get back to him if I send it to Cryptome, 
that I want to challenge him to a public boxing match to have the opportunity 
to knock him off his high horse of hypocrisy that he is always riding on 
everywhere he goes, and am curious if this might be seen by him or his 
prepubescent helpers and speech writers. (He and his brainless anti-American 
helpers actually need a good Malaysian style caning to get them more obedient 
to Constitutional laws.)

(Of course I don't expect him to accept such a thing) and the main reason I 
don't think he would is because he is just a gutless yellow pie slinger in the 
first place. I am exactly his age and about the same height and weight, so that 
part is fair.

(Just think Andrew Jackson and you will understand my motives here). Seeing him 
speak to soldiers and officers at that recent speech he gave at West Point was 
the kicker, that he even has the gall to go in there and talk to honorable 
military officers after firing many of their pals because they wouldn't fire 
upon American citizens, and expect a warm reception at a speech like that is 
just mind boggling.

In this challenge to him, I am not threatening him, just asking him if he would 
like to box a few rounds. I did want to send him a nice Chocolate revolver as a 
gift since he hates guns so much, but decided since he is usually so busy, that 
in order to give him that chocolate revolver gift, that I would probably have 
to run up and hand it to him when he is speaking in public somewhere, and 
figured that might not be a good idea.. (Humor)

Anyway, keep up the good work, I enjoy that you share so much the good things 
about being American with so many... It is definitely making life better for 
others that you do so.

D. Perry
Bellingham, WA

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Michael Morisy @morisy:

The @Cryptomeorg Kickstarter is exactly what I would've thought it 
would be. Plus guest appearance by @ggreenwald 


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