[cryptome] Re: Cross Posting to other lists

  • From: John Young <jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2014 19:18:16 -0400

Early in this list, after complaints, we asked Freelists to
not publish this lists content which were on Google.
Freelists refused to do so, saying the list is public on
purpose, not private, that is the consequence of being free.
Our note on this topic:


We remain concerned of unscrupulous harvesting of
list contents, not only by Google, the globe's most titanic
spy, but by subscribers who subscribe for the purpose of
harvesting, reposting, plagiarizing, stealing -- ah, yes, the
glorious Internet at its best and worst. What would we
do without it freebies, thieves, spies, and our beef,
those pretend to protect us while robbing us blind
that is list administrators, system administrators,
administrators and their imposters of all stripes.

Otherwise we have to confess under duress, don't
even think this list administrator is innocent..

At 06:04 PM 6/7/2014, you wrote:
Dear Shelley,
Tx for your reply. I didn't realise it was a public list, my apologies to you all. It is nice to have one's misunderstandings cleared up...
Douglas Rankine.

On 07/06/14 22:53, shelley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
[top-posting because of probable troll + tl;dr]

Dear Douglas Rankine,

Welcome to the Internet!

Internet list archives are public.  As such, they will be indexed and
searchable via such fine search engines as DDG, Ixquick and others.

No one asks for anyone's permission to forward or cross-post public
posts to other lists.  This has been the way the Internet and newsgroups
have worked for 3+ decades.  If this does not please you or meet your
expectations, please do not subscribe to public lists which clearly
indicate the posts and archives are public and will be indexed.

thank you,
The Internet

On Sat, Jun 7, 2014, at 02:40 PM, doug wrote:
Dear John Young,
Tx for your information regarding cross-posting between groups.  I am
grateful that you have asked subscribers to other groups to include
previous postings on a subject in which they are participating and
interested, to this group; that will be most helpful to me in gaining an
understanding of what discussions are taking place on a particular
subject.  However, I have one, minor problem which I would like to draw
to your attention as the owner of the list, and to the other colleagues
who subscribe to this list...and that is the question of my  copyright
in my postings to  . It would be most kind and
respectful as well as helping to build an element of trust between
myself and others on the list, if I was asked for my written permission,
before any postings of mine were included in a posting to another list.
The second minor problem which I would like to draw to your attention
is; have the other subscribers given their permission to you, in writing
or otherwise for you to make such a decision on cross posting?

    I joined this list because I wanted to and because I wished to share
information with others on it and learn from it, as I have much
appreciated over the years, your website and contents therein, which I
have found interesting, educational and entertaining as well.  I am not
interested in joining any other lists...at the moment, as, from what I
can see they don't appeal to my own particular interests...  With that
in mind, may I say that I would much appreciate it if any of our
colleagues on this list who cross-post, do not include any postings from
me to this list on any other list, without my written permission

    I do hope you understand and comprehend that I am not being pedantic
here, and that I just want to protect my privacy as much as possible,
using my own resources and exercise my rights in what little law there
is to protect my privacy and security...One of the problems with the
internet is that of one's footprint.  One tries to minimise it as much
as possible, but it is an almost impossible task, as so few understand
how to limit it.  Far more don't even know that the problem exists.

Also, I hope you don't mind if I draw attention to the fact, that I have
received a number of private emails from subscribers to the cryptome
list.  I do hope that those subscribers won't take offence if I do not
reply.  It is not that I am being rude, but that I feel that discussions
should take place on the list so that everyone can benefit and share
information.  It is, after all, why most people subscribe to such lists.
    Specialist groups after all, are about being private and secure to
their subscribers, and sharing information on particular specialities,
hobbies or obsessions with colleagues who have similar interests.  I
have no objection to others sending or receiving private emails...goes
without saying really...but I have to say it as I have noticed in the
past that some folks have taken exception to my suggestions and
construed it much wider and in a way which is not meant or intended.

I trust you will take these matters into consideration and I am looking
forward to learning, discussing and sharing a lot more in those
subjects  in which I presume we are all interested.

Douglas Rankine.

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