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Woman Gets Naked In Public To Protest Book Pirates (NSFW) 

In probably the most outrageous protest yet against piracy, an author has 
ripped off her clothes in front of a government palace. Brazilian writer 
Vanessa de Oliveira shocked the citizens of Lima, Peru, with nearly everything 
she has. “I’m doing this for my book so it is not pirated anymore anywhere in 
the world,” the redhead said, adding that her latest publication is based on 
her experiences bedding nearly 5,000 men.
The extremely stiff men behind some of the biggest entertainment companies in 
the world might think they know to draw attention to piracy issues, but when 
compared to the efforts of controversial writer Vanessa de Oliveira this week, 
they just aren’t a comparable hit with the youth.

Oliveira, the author of several books, was transported to the Plaza de Armas in 
Lima, Peru, in the back of a truck Thursday. Once in place she did what the 
gentleman of the **AA’s have dreamt about so often but have never had the 
courage to do.

She jumped out, stood in front of the government palace, and peeled back a long 
dark coat revealing a lacy black “dental floss” (blame Google translate for 
that term) struggling to cover a tiny portion of her lower body.

Words daubed across her chest and back in red ink, presumably to draw attention 
away from her black pull-up stockings, shouted a firm ‘NO TO PIRACY’.

“I’m doing this for my book so it is not pirated anymore anywhere in the 
world,” Oliveiraexplained, attracting the attention of the police.

“A country is made with culture, with books. When people pirate books culture 
is in danger. [Peru] is the first country where I see this,” she added.

Oliveira spoke about her earlier books including “100 Secrets of a Lady in 
Waiting” and “If He Cheats On You, It’s Your Problem”, a book filled with tips 
targeted at women whose partners screw around.

And Oliveira apparently isn’t writing from a position of ignorance either – in 
fact it appears she’s creating her own market. She admitted that the books had 
been written from her personal experience working as garota de compañía (a girl 
of company) in which she had sex with 5,000 men, proving that you can indeed 
charge for stuff normally available for free.

Eventually though all good things had to come to an end. Oliveira put her 
clothes back on, got in the truck and drove away, probably wondering how rich 
she’d be if each of her night-time conquests had purchased just one copy of the 
book for their wives instead of pirating it.

And for those cynics thinking that this was just some sort of sexually 
motivated anti-piracy publicity stunt to sell more books, wash your dirty minds.

The fact that Oliveira is appearing today at the Chamber of Commerce in Lima 
with a presentation titled “Seduce Clients” has absolutely no connection to 
what happened Thursday.

Moving pics or it didn’t happen? OK, go on then..

Story by @torrentfreak

Sad: no uncensored photo available on the net (still searching - maybe usefull 
for a nacked protest series on cryptomeorg)


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