[cryptome] Conspiracy Theory: Abstact Article By "Experts"

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see url: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0267323111433566

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I read this "original" piece of research and came out wondering where the new or original research was...I couldn't find any. Still, one lives in hope. Then I started to wonder where they got the money to fund their research, and, at the end of the article I found out.

Now, I am wondering why, was there some kind of conspiracy going on here? Were the authorities hoodwinked? Where did the authorities get the money for this "learned" piece of research...or crap, as I prefer to call it...us, of course, the tax payer, we funded it, as we do all these institutions. In case I am accused of being a conspiracy theorist here, and just because I believe everything in the universe is connected and interconnected in some way, and because I believe in some conspiracy theories, though mostly in conspiracies which most conspiracy theorists don't see, and not in conspiracies that most conspiracy theorists do see, even though they are sitting there in front of their noses...doesn't mean to say that I am a conspiracy theorist, but there again beauty and/or the beast are very much in the eyes of the beholder...:-).

But I suppose that at least the researchers are being honest about it...see below


After writing the article the author and two colleagues, Peter Achterberg and Dick Houtman, received a research grant at NWO (MaGW; open competition) for the project 'Conspiracy culture in the Netherlands: Modernity and its cultural discontents' (assigned September 2011).

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P.S. Conspiracy theorists are well known for their liberal use of double inverted commas around "nouns" and "adjectives"....;-)

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