[cryptome] Conservative Party Wins Outright Majority In UK Elections 2015

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  • Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 10:55:17 +0100

Dear Colleagues,

Very much a personal view... J. I hope you enjoy this little synopsis...feel
free to criticise or condemn, but remember, it is only a personal view and
worth nuffink in the state of things... J.

Out of 630 parliamentary seats, the Conservatives won 331 (51% of the vote),
the Labour Party 232 (36%). The Scottish National Party 56 (9%). The
Liberal Democrats 8 (1%)

See url: https://www.google.co.uk/#q=uk+election+results+2015

For the rest of the parties participating.

I dare say that you will have noticed that there was an election in the
UK... J. Doesn't matter much in the scheme of the next million years,
however, for the next 5 years it does. Closer ties with our brothers across
the pond. More economic, political and intelligence co-operation between 5
eyes. More US influence in the UK. Further opening of the global economy
and the penetration of international corporations. Safety for Trident in
Scotland with a new set of nuclear submarines, nuclear missiles and all the
associated materiels, despite the SNP victory. Closer co-operation with
European business circles are amongst the new prongs of UK foreign policy.

All the usual stuff on austerity and saving the UK economy. It is as well
to remember that the London Stock Exchange is very important for the UK
ruling circles, and for the economy as a whole. So, more aid there and less
regulation to help market forces keep us afloat. Worthy of note too, that
the UK, small as it is in geographical terms, demographic terms and economic
terms is still a very important player on the international stage. It is
also one of the worlds' biggest debtors, a lot worse than Greece.

Capitalism will continue to receive the usual subsidies to make it more
efficient, tax schemes for non-doms will continue, as we wouldn't like to
see the international ruling elites become poor and leave London for warmer
tax scheme climes. What would the London property market do without them?
The tax system will continue to be geared to providing subsidised wages for
workers to continue to provide their labour in large companies on the cheap.
The welfare system and the free national health system will continue to
deteriorate, as the population gets older. Even the armed forces have been
cut back and will continue to do so. Still, the pensioners will be looked
after, and the workers will be paying lower taxes. Immigrants will continue
to arrive, illegal or otherwise, as not enough money is available to set up
properly managed border controls to sift out the "educated" from the
"illiterate". Can you answer the question, "Who is the Queen of Scotland?"

Conservatives don't believe in increasing public spending, but cutting it
back and any extra spending should come from increased wealth creation J.
There will be a referendum on continued UK membership of the European Union,
in 2017 which will be easily won.

The Scottish Lion will be tamed, no matter how much it roars. Indeed even
with the remarkable swing from Labour to the Scottish Nationalists, of, in
some cases 39% and the complete and utter defeat of the Labour Party, the
Conservatives and the Lib Dems in Scotland, will make little difference, in
my view, apart from devolution of tax collection and decision making to
Scotland as part of its new responsibilities.

Most people were surprised by the result, including myself. All the polls
were united in saying that no major party would win a majority, and that a
coalition would have to form. Much discussion led by the media on
hypothetical coalition situations, caught the politicians on the hop, and
none of them wanted to discuss it. I knew the way that the Scots would
go, I have said that on here before. The "Big Yins" coming up at the time
of the referendum, though they won the battle against independence, lost the
war for the Scottish minds.

The English voters were mindful the change taking place in Scotland and
decided that a Conservative government was better suited to representing
their interests than a coalition of Labour and the Scottish Nationalists.
The thought of such a coalition was well played on the minds of the English
voters by the Conservatives. The SNP fell into the trap of rejecting the
Tories and mooting a coalition with Labour and Labour fell into the trap of
hedging its bets. One thing that was noticeable though, is that, with the
exception of the Lib Dems and the fascist parties, the smaller parties
continue to grow their voters and memberships. UKIP, The Greens and the
Independents all increased their vote

A slogan. "All change, but no change".



P.S. My shares, after a miserable week, perked up at the news, and the
British pound got better. Contrary to capitalist economic theory.
Entrepreneurs do NOT like risk. They like their money to be safe and sound,
just like the rest of us... J.

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