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  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2015 19:44:05 +0000

Dear John,

The trouble with meandering down those hidden paths through them virtual Elysian fields, over which no one but Bishop Berkely has ever trod, is that one just stirs up megabytes of metapollen...a variety of sniffers lie in wait at every vantage point in ones' journey to analyse and predict and identify and profile the forward and backward movement and discern the speed and estimated time of arrival and what is required for consumption at the end of the journey...and what it would/could be spent on.

John Doe would need computer training to Ph.d level to even have an inkling of secure protection and whether he/she was an atheist or a script kiddy, would make no difference. He/she would also have to depend on others having at least the same level of skill and experience. At least 99% of the population couldn’t and never will achieve a sufficient standard...including meself...unless of course we develop computer programmable brain software or hardware...:-) . (Who will program the programmers, and who will watch over them...:-) ).

If we didn't have faith and belief what would we be and where would we be...but mere programmed biological computers making decisions based on statistical analysis fed into selected algorithms, via inputs, or ports of streamed "facts", predicting outcomes through the use of those perfect algorithms...whilst life plods on in automatic mode....nuffink can go wrong...nuffink can go wrong...

If we didn't have authorities we wouldn't have standards. And a world without standards would mean no investors and without investors, we wouldn't have the hardware or the software, or the apologists and exploiters and hangers on who live off the host species, which would mean that life without a comparative world of right and wrong would become pretty boring...we would turn on one another more than we do now and stagnate and die...and be replaced with some other more adaptable life form...Darwin's theory of evolution rules.

Just think, perfect comsec for an infinite length of time, would make life very dull...in my view. Life is much more interesting...better...because of its uncertaintities, rather than in spite of them.
Dream on...;-) .
With kind regards...:-)

On 14/01/15 16:30, John Young wrote:
Comsec dream: secure means uniquely controllable by each person.
Free of faith, scripture, authorities, investors, apologists, exploiters.

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