[cryptome] Clinton v Trump: US Presidential Election 2016

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It looks like the next Presidential race will between the Trump and Clinton. I thought it might be between Jed Bush and Clinton, never dreaming that Trump would come anywhere near winning the Republican nomination. So much for predictions.

I don't know which candidature is the most surprising, Trump or Clinton! What a state the USA is in right enough when it selects two such poor quality candidates, one who can't even get an up to date licence for his live in apartment at Trump Towers in New York and has been involved with a number of bankrupt companies and shady property deals, amongst other things...and Hilary Clinton who has been involved in all sorts of security and financial scandals regarding classified emails being kept on a non-government private server to avoid the provisions of the Freedom Of Information Act, and various inquiries and court cases going on into "Hil & Bills" little charitable trust fund, which has been handing out money willy nilly to dubious uncharitable bad causes, and collecting huge anonymous donations, for other nefarious purposes.

What could complicate the issue is if Hilary Clinton is prosecuted for a breach of state security, or if she does win...is deprived of security clearance at the top level, due to her past performance. If, by any chance, she is prevented from standing for some reason, then the other main contender democratic contender, Bernie Sanders may stand in her place. The question is, if such a scenario were to develop, would this be of advantage to Trump, because I don't think that Bernie Sanders is as popular as her amongst the voting population. I dare say that there are moves going on by various groupings within the US to discredit Hilary Clinton and get her disqualified from standing, leaving the way open for Trump to win more easily.

Just a thought...



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