[cryptome] Re: Citizen 4 on UK TV Channel 4 at 11 p.m.

  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 00:39:13 +0000

given the public expose I am inclined to agree with you. I would have
been mortified had i been in the same position as himself.

On 27/02/2015 23:41, doug wrote:
> Hi Shaun,
> Clinton said, "I did not have sex with that woman".  And he was right,
> he was telling the truth.  He took advice from one of the US.s top
> specialist lawyers and a judge on the subject and he was advised that
> what he did "with that woman" could not be constituted as having sex,
> no matter what the public thought...en masse.
> Rape is defined as the entry of 1 inch of penis into the vagina
> without continuing consent of the woman.  His penis was nowhere near
> "that woman's" vagina, probably because it was so bent and pointing
> upwards whilst she was kneeling down, also, in the alternative, it is
> not known whether "that woman" uttered any form of coherent consent,
> from the beginning to the end of oral consumation and ejaculation.
> Those latter remarks are pure hearsay of course, so don't quote me.  I
> never actually saw the photo he had to have taken of his penis...:-)
> .  Mind you, it might be on the Congress court record somewhere.  I
> wonder if John would be able to get a copy...and put it on
> Cryptome...in the pursuit of free speech of course...:-) .  Or perhaps
> it is classified as a compartmentalised top secret document...locked
> up for 50 years :-) .
> Joking aside, it must have been a terrible for his family to handle...
> Dougie.
> On 27/02/15 23:22, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
>> Hi Doug.
>> Do I know any honest people? hmmm. I know many who say they are
>> honest but there is a world of difference between declaring oneself
>> as being honest and actually being 100% honest, I think all of of us
>> fib from time to time if truth be told.
>> nowt wrong with that if it does no harm imho.
>> reminds me of the Clinton fiasco when wots his name declared rather
>> lamely
>> "I'm trying to be honest here", i think he got caught having an extra
>> marital affair if memory serves.
>> I could never decide whether to feel sorry for the guy or gloat over
>> his misfortune at getting caught.
>> ATB
>> Shaun
>> On 27/02/2015 22:41, doug wrote:
>>> Hi Shaun,
>>> He is 89 years old...I shouldn't think he is doing it for the
>>> money.  He is spending money on the court case, hoping to prevent
>>> the showing and distribution of the film...and protect the secrets
>>> of the US government.  A bit late, but never mind.  It depends on
>>> how long he is going to pursue his case regarding the publication of
>>> classified documents, remember, even when classified documents are
>>> in the public domain, it doesn't remove their secret
>>> classification...and what support he is getting or hoping to get. 
>>> It might finish up as damp squib, or a big bang as it comes up to
>>> the US electiion.  Who knows what motives and intentions he is
>>> pursuing, apart from what it says on the face of his court case.
>>>   As for truth...in my view, there are many of them... it is just a
>>> question of picking the ones that serve one best...and learning to
>>> discard them and adopt new ones when they become inconvenient.:-)
>>> ATB
>>> Dougie.
>>> P.S. Do you know any honest people...:-)
>>> On 27/02/15 22:20, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
>>>> Hi Doug
>>>> I got my movie for free, and yes it was quite interesting.
>>>> microwaves are great Faraday cages.( just remember to take the
>>>> mobile out before turning the thing on). fridges are great for
>>>> prolonging trace memory on a ram chip ( but you have to be bloody
>>>> nippy and get the chip in the freezer within 30 seconds of power down),
>>>> Regarding the blanket scene I had myself asking the question is
>>>> this guy for real? I got the impression that while he is plainly
>>>> quite articulate , he was scared stiff but didn't want to make too
>>>> much play of it.
>>>> And as for Edwards making a big hoo ha over the film, i think he is
>>>> just trying to get money off the producers of the film under the
>>>> pretext of damage. looking at the case material( such as i have
>>>> read thus far), he seems to be changing his tactics each time he
>>>> gets rebuffed.
>>>> As to the matter of "truth"now let me cogitate upon that one.
>>>> ....yes "truth" is that which we as a society accept as such by a
>>>> combination of mutual agreement and subtle coercion.
>>>> ATB
>>>> Shaun aka Paddington bear.
>>>> On 27/02/2015 21:39, doug wrote:
>>>>> Hi Shaun,
>>>>> I watched the film on Channel 4.  Things come free to those who
>>>>> wait:-)  .
>>>>>  I am thinking about suing Edwards, of Edwards v Snowden, for
>>>>> misrepresentation.  I didn't suffer from aches and pains, mental
>>>>> and physical anguish.  I wasn't psychologically destroyed by the
>>>>> failure in US and UK national security.  I have no immediate or
>>>>> long term fear of Al Quaeda creating another 9/11  (at least no
>>>>> more immediate than I have a fear of the world being destroyed by
>>>>> nuclear weapons). I don't see the terrorists rising up and using
>>>>> other methods of communication to overcome NSA or GCHQ
>>>>> surveillance.  They may have gone all quiet and returned to the
>>>>> language of the W.O.M.B...who knows.  Jihadi John continues his
>>>>> work, and I day say that his asshole is squeaking now that his
>>>>> true identity has been discovered.  Osama Ben Laden comes to mind...
>>>>>  Of course, the terrorists might have been responsible for
>>>>> engineering the downfall of Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Chairman  of the
>>>>> UK Intelligence and Security Committee, by paying Channel 4 to set
>>>>> him up in a sting operation,  with a new job with a new Chinese
>>>>> company asking how much it would cost for him and the Straw man to
>>>>> approach Ambassadors and others of influence in the government,
>>>>> but I tend to think that it was more to do with their big ego. 
>>>>> They should learn to work harder at their age, instead of lounging
>>>>> about earning a fortune at the taxpayers expense and travelling
>>>>> the world on public expense accounts.
>>>>> In fact, quite the opposite from Mr. Edwards, I quite enjoyed the
>>>>> film, it put everything together for me.  I have seen better, but
>>>>> at least it didn't cost too much to make.  I particularly liked
>>>>> the keeping of mobile phones in the fridge...or was it the
>>>>> microwave? The wearing of the  blanket by Snowden to prevent
>>>>> surreptitious intrusion on his air-gapped computer by the powers
>>>>> that be was either a master stroke or streak of paranoi, (didn't I
>>>>> read an article somewhere, by some well respected security
>>>>> consultant  whose air-gapped computer somehow, even after being
>>>>> swiped and forensically cleaned and a new, clean operating system
>>>>> installed, still finished up with a compromised operating system?)
>>>>> and lying of the NSA and CIA Directors at the house committees
>>>>> after swearing the oaths of telling the truth.  I dare say that
>>>>> their lying was completely unwitting of course...they never ever
>>>>> lie on purpose.  No means no...doesn't it...:-) .  The NSA and the
>>>>> other intelligence and security services do NOT collect US
>>>>> citizens data, content and metadata on purpose.
>>>>> ATB
>>>>> Dougie.
>>>>> On 25/02/15 22:16, Shaun O'Connor wrote:
>>>>>> already have the3 movie.;-)
>>>>>> On 25/02/2015 20:51, doug wrote:
>>>>>>> Citizen 4 on UK TV Channel 4 at 11 p.m.
>>>>>>> For your information...
>>>>>>> Enjoy...:-).
>>>>>>> ATB
>>>>>>> Dougie.
>>>>>> -- 
>>>>>> https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/11/when-time-comes-we-need-be-ready-fight-tpps-secret-anti-user-agenda
>>>> -- 
>>>> https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/11/when-time-comes-we-need-be-ready-fight-tpps-secret-anti-user-agenda
>> -- 
>> https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2014/11/when-time-comes-we-need-be-ready-fight-tpps-secret-anti-user-agenda


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