[cryptome] Cardinal Mindszenty And Julian Assange. A few Assumptions and surmises: Fiction

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see url: https://www.supremecourt.uk/news/julian-assange-v-swedish-prosecution-authority.html

see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%B3zsef_Mindszenty

15 years it took to get the Cardinal out of the US Embassy in Hungary.

Assange and Mindszenty are not similar, but they suffered a similar circumstance. They both lived in an Embassy against their will for a very long time.

With the temporary "withdrawal" of the last of the allegations made against Assange by the Swedish prosecutor, I reckon that there has been considerable international discussions going on between various representatives of the US government, the UK government, the Swedish Government as well as the government and opposition in Ecuador, all on the quiet of course, as part of the normal wheeling dealing that goes on between governments and their agencies. The Ecuador situation is still fluid in that there is a challenge to the result of the latest Presidential election, as it has run pretty close, with the losing candidate pledging to kick Assange out of the Embassy here in London if he is declared winner. Obviously some deal struck between him and the agencies of the US government, may have been set up.

You will note that the Swedish Prosecutor has said that the rape charges can be pursued against Assange up until the Swedish Statute of Limitations prevents it in 2020. Note that there is nothing in law which prevents the European Arrest Warrant being activated or renewed, until that time, if Assange was to leave the embassy and land in UK territory.

You will also note that Assange broke his bail conditions in the UK for the warrant and not only lost his supporters around £100,000 but opened himself up to criminal prosecution or contempt of court proceedings for not complying with the bail conditions. He can be put in custody for this and receive a jail sentence and/or be fined, unless, of course he can hide himself in a diplomatic bag and escape the UK.

He would be most likely to be kept in custody because of his previous record in breaking bail, and because of the promise he made of being willing to go to the US for investigation, to try and get Chelsea Manning freed, altruism at its best...or a promise he had no intention of keeping...:-).

A little bit of international collusion goes like this. At various times representatives of these agencies talked to one another and devised the following plan. If the case is dropped by the Swedish prosecutor...temporarily...Then, ostensibly, there is no reason for Assange to remain in the Ecuadorian Embassy. After all, so far as is known, there are no outstanding warrants out against him, so he can go free. However, it is known that the US authorities are interested in prosecuting him for various criminal activities including various conspiracies, aiding and abetting and such like, secret grand jury proceedings, etc., to do with the Chelsea Manning Case and also the Russian leaks surrounding the US Presidential office, and during the US Presidential Elections. Like the rest of us, the US establishment does not take kindly to other states interfering in their national elections. (why they still do it...is the matter of another fictional work...).

So, it is not beyond the realms of possibility, probability even, that Assange, if released could be detained and the European Arrest Warrant re-instated, or if some deal has been done between the various parties, direct application in the UK, could be made to extradite Assange to the United States, with the Swedish Authorities waiving their rights, or they could decide that he is extradited to Sweden first, then after trial, attempts made to extradite him to the US.

Now, just one further little point. No one seems to give a shit about the victims here...the two women who have not received justice. They have been completely ignored in all of this, they have not been given a hearing, which does suggest that they were being used as mere pawns...Assange has refused to submit himself to the law of Sweden...because, he says, he is afraid that his going to Sweden, will be used as a pretext for his extradition to the US. The Ecuador government has refused to pass on the questions from the Swedish government to him, so he cannot answer them, which is the main reason that the Swedish Prosecutor has dropped them. And of course, he is also saying that the charges were all made up against him by the women...when his submission to the UK courts in answering to the European Arrest Warrant...says something different.

I hope you like my little fictional story....:-).

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